Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Pre-Dr. E Show

Tonight Jess and I were on the Pre-Dr. E Show. Tonight, at Saturday night service at church Eric Herrstrom (the pastor for Saturday night) did a mock late night tv show. Eric is getting a doctorate in theology so he was "Pre-Dr. E." Friends of ours went first. The husband found Jesus in prison and then married his second wife when he got out. Actually she's his first wife too, but remarried him when his life turned dramatically around. She speaks the truth when she says the man she remarried is not the same man she married the first time. Then Jess and I gave a short interview on how God has blessed us and gotten us through this year. A big part of that has been people that have done so much for us. The best part of the service was people praying over us. Jess and I are so grateful for the prayer warriors that "fight" on our behalf.

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