Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Feeling Better... Almost

The new meds took effect and today was a vomit-free day (now there's a phrase I never thought I'd have in my vocabulary). Now, Jessa's favorite thing to do when she not feeling well is to take a bath. It just might be her favorite thing when she is feeling well too. One of my favorite lines from Katelyn was "Dad, mom said she was going to take a twenty minute bath, but she's been in there an hour. When do you think she'll be out?" Jessa does indeed enjoy baths. However, apparently baths and dehydration don't mix well and after she took a bath at her grandma's Jess said, " I felt the worst I have ever felt." That was all her grandpa (better know as Popo) needed to hear. Off to the store he went bringing back bullion (which MeeMaw put four of in one cup!), Gatorade, soup, and apple juice. If there is one truth you can say about any McNutt it is that they don't doing anything halfway, especially when doing that something might make Jess feel a little bit better.

I think drinking fluids will help, but Jess will go tomorrow to get hydrated through an IV.

Praise God that all my kids have been picked up from school and dropped off on time. That they have been fed and their teeth have been brushed. That have made it to gymnastics, church, volleyball, and soccer. That they have made it to school with their lunch. Courtesy of Katelyn, their hair has even been done right. Don't we have an awesome God?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Jake! We think about and pray for y'all often.

Wendy and Edward

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jesus for Jake...a husband and Dad who takes care of his family. We love you, Jake!