Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jessica Seeing Red

After doing a week of radiation two weeks ago, Jess started chemo again on Friday. She started on two heavy hitters that she has never been taken before, one of which is better known by its nickname "Red." So on Friday, Jess was literally seeing red though she has been just as optimistic as usual. Her hair is going to fall out again, so this time she is going to get a wig from a place that a friend from church has recommended-- they apparently have wigs that are actually comfortable while still looking good. Bryn has probably been hit the hardest this time although she is only four. She obviously doesn't fully understand what is going on with her mommy, but she definitely has been sensing that something is wrong. Consequently, she has been extremely disobedient lately especially with Jess. At my school, I think God has given me especially wonderful students this year in my classes-- he definitely has a way of making my burden light. If Jess is feeling better this week, I'm sure she'll want to post, but if not I'll keep you up to date. Thank you for being our prayer warriors. One last thing before I go, if you know someone who has been recently diagnosed with cancer here are four things you can do to help: 1.Tell them about where they can set up a web page like this one. It will be an easy way for them to keep people informed so that they can specifically pray for them. 2. Set up a meals coordinator. This may have been primary reason Jess and I kept our sanity during the first 6 months of her cancer treatment. 3. Mow their lawn. Dealing with cancer can be just like your whole family running a marathon-- it can zap the energy out of the entire household. I am extremely grateful for the godly man who mows our lawn-- without him our lawn would like the African plains. 4.Pray

Finally a bring you a Bryn and Jadyn story. Before Jessa's birthday (she turned 32 on the 18th), I asked the girls what they wanted for her b-day. Jadyn told me we should make her a picture because she said, "Every time I give mom a picture she says that it's wonderful." Bryn told me that we should buy her a dress. She said, "Mommy told me that she wanted a dress just like mine in her size." We ended up getting her sunglasses, a watch, and Scrubs Season 1 and The Closer Season 2 on DVD (her two favorite shows).


Anonymous said...

Thank Jake for keeping us updated. Pray is definately number one on my list, since it is the most I can do from here.

Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...


We love the Kaylors beyond measure. Prayers are continual for healing. Jesus calls us to pray for what we want and we want the cancer to go away. Matthew 19:26 says, "Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible but with God, all things are possible!" Jesus never lies. I am thankful for friends who bring food, a godly man who prays while he mows and our sister in New York who wishes she could be here to help pick out a beautiful wig with Jessa!! I love you!

Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

Please remember I am here to help anytime, anywhere,anyhow... I love you all so very much and you are always in my prayers...

Always in my thoughts
Aunt Pam