Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Red Devil

Before this chemo treatment, Jess had told me that one of the chemo medicines was called "Red" and some other names. One of those other names I just found out is called "The Red Devil" and it has been just that for her. She started feeling sick on Saturday and has been throwing up all weekend and into today. She called Dr. Haley today and she called in Jess some new medicines to lessen the side effects. When I brought over the medicines to her she seemed pretty week, but the good news is when got off the phone with her an hour later (she and Bryn are staying at her grandma's) she sounded much better already. I think she has been relieved that God has been taking care of our family while she isn't feeling well (I always think He loves to show His love through other people), but we sure miss her.


Mil (A Friend From NY) said...

Just reading todays up-date brought back such awful memories of Elizabeth taking that red poison not that long ago. I hate questioning doctors....but if they are not giving it to her already, you might ask that Jess be given Emend.... It's a 3 pack and the first and largest pill is taken one hour before chemo starts and the next two are taken over the next two mornings. When those three days are done, next you might want to try Kytril...It was a morning pill that Elizabeth took for days 4 through 7 or 8 (or on occasion she would take it morning and nighttime and for only 3-4 days). These are all profilactic drugs....to be taken before you start to throw up. If 7 days later she was nauseous (as sometimes she still was), she would take compazine. Made her sleepy but generally did the trick. Last but not least was ginger candy which we purchased in health food stores. I thought it was awful tasting but it did settle my daughters stomach. Sometimes she would suck on it and sometimes I would make it into a cup of tea. I am not certain if all insurances cover these meds as they were very expensive..but chemo center where we went had at least one dose of samples that they gave her to try (it worked), while we battled with the insurance company.
Please tell Jess that I'm thinking of her and praying that this will pass soon.
Aunt Mil from MY

Anonymous said...

I hate that we have become experts in cancer treatments, but thank God for all of those around us who are able to provide guidance through this difficult time.

Thanks Aunt Mil!
Love, Janette