Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pictures at last!

We had a great time visiting with Jake's family from Maryland a few weeks ago. Jake's dad and step-mom Donna came with Jake's sister Hannah (10). Then Jake's sister Sarah and her husband James came with their now 1 year old Vanessa! Happy birthday Vanessa!

The whole happy family!

James, Sarah and Vanessa!

Katelyn and Bryn giving daddy a huge hug.

Everyone had fun on the carousel; it was Vanessa’s first time!

Jadyn was helping Vanessa everywhere she went...

Katelyn, Jadyn, and Bryn happily climbed atop a huge dino sculpture in front of the science museum.

A lot of the family headed to Incredible Pizza for an indoor day of fun. Jadyn is racking up some serious tickets.

Bryn favorite thing at Incredible Pizza is riding round and round.

Precious baby Vanessa looking through a tunnel at the mall playground.

Bryn (4) looking through the same tunnel.

Bryn (when she was 18 months) looking through another tunnel at the playground; this seems like just weeks ago!

We had the first day of school last week for Jake, Katelyn, Jadyn, and Bryn. They all had a super week. Here are first day of school photos of everyone.

Katelyn's first day of school started with 7th grade volleyball tryouts at 7:00 AM, thus the dark background!

Jadyn, all ready for Kindergarten

Jadyn and her principal (Aunt Sandy) with Bryn too!

Sandy with Jadyn and our wonderful cousins Zander (3rd grade) and Kaylee (1st Grade).

Jadyn with her amazingly awesome Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Maurer.

Jadyn all ready for school at her desk!

We saw my nephew Austin on our way down the hall. He was heading off to 2nd grade. What a wonderful thing it is to have all our family at the same school! Austin is so excited to have seen Bryn in the hall.

Bryn ready for her first day in her Pre-K 4 class. She is so excited about school.

My Grandpa took Bryn to her first day of school as I was having surgery. So, here she is with MeMaw and...

with PoPo!

Katelyn made it on the volleyball team at her school. This is quite an accomplishment as over 120 girls tried out for just 48 positions. To celebrate, we took her and a friend to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Katelyn was thrilled as she has been asking to go for a long time (years!).

Katelyn posing with her friend!

Jadyn and Bryn had a great time too! Princess hats, wands and light up accessories were courtesy of Grandma!

This was their first time to go to Medieval Times. Jadyn and Bryn were in amazement the entire time.

All smile and wide eyes at the sights and sounds below! They also couldn't believe that we got to (had to) eat with our hands for every course.

Jadyn asked me to take pictures of everything. I'll spare you the details, but here is her favorite...a jumping white horse.

The last thing Katelyn and her friend did was sit on the torture chair. They were in big trouble for having so much fun!

I think I am caught up now on photos. Love to you all, and have a happy Labor Day!


Amy said...

Rad, rad, and super-rad! I think we are going to move to Texas just so my boys can go to Wood with Aunt Sandy. Seriously. Congratulations to Kaitlyn for making the volleyball team. You go, girl!
Amy, Erik, Luke, and Paul

Carla said...

Jess, you still amaze me at your positive spirit. I can't seem to keep mine positive with regular life! Actually, that is my current petition: that God would teach me how to 'choose joy' as I study James this semester with the ladies at church. I couldn't help thinking that God was nudging me as I was reading your blog tonight saying, 'Are you paying attention? This is my servant Jessica, in whom I am well pleased."

I am always so sad to read about more tests, more surgeries, more, more more. I hurt for you as I read your story. I wish God would make it all stop now. But I am ever thankful for your example - and for your honesty and transparency. Keep choosing joy!

always praying for you,

Anonymous said...

Wanted you to know that you are in our prayers....thanks for the pictures...haven't seen meemaw and popo in a long time....Love you and your wonderful spirit.
Aunt Millie (Gene and Janet's aunt in South Carolina)

Aunt Sandy said...

Hey, Jessa! I loved the first day pictures. I'm glad to say that you couldn't tell I was boo-hooing during the picture moment. I guess seeing them get sooo big makes me a little meloncholy. I can't hardly believe that tomorrow is your birthday. A few years ago, I dreaded my birthday. Now I say, thank you Jesus for yet one more year. Isn't it something that cancer made ME grow up?? I hope you have a wonderful day, Jessa. I so remember when you were of the best days in our family's life. to Heaven and back a gazillion times is how much I love you.

Aunt Sandy

Shelley said...


Anonymous said...

Jessica, I am really thinking of you. When I do, it is you that gives me the positive energy. I am sorry for your pain and the hardship of your treatments. My spirit is filled by the wonderful smiles of you and your family. I wanted to thank you for the hug the other day. It meant so much to me. You are a gift. The love that you share with everyone is such a special gift. Thank you, until I hug you again soon. Gina