Thursday, August 30, 2007

Surgery Update

Last night we dropped Katelyn off at a house at a friend's who is also trying out for the volleyball team (they have to be at Boles by 7 in the morning), Bryn went with MeMaw to be dropped off at her first day of school in the morning at Fielder Road, and Jadyn went to spend the night with Aunt Sandy to go to Wood in the morning.

Jess and I woke up at 6 AM this morning. That would have been fine except we were supposed to be at Zale Lipshy hospital at 5:30. I don't know if our alarm didn't go off or we slept through it, but we were very grateful that a nurse from the hospital called us at 6 to check up on her. Even though we tried to get the hospital as quickly as we could (for instance I brought my toothbrush with me), we didn't make it to the hospital until 6:45. Jess was very worried, but not in the way a normal person would. Normal people would have been thinking about the dangers of surgery or be worried about how they would feel afterword. They would also be thinking about how long it had taken to get the kids situated last night and how it might all be for nothing. Jess on the other hand, was worried because she knew Dr. Ehus needed to be in Fort Worth at 11:00 and she didn't want to make him late. She needn't have worried though because the team of doctors and nurses had her prepped in no time. Before I knew it she was rambling happily about how people were having more kids these days in a very loud voice. She doesn't normally do that, but on a very stressful day Jessica Lynn on pre-surgery drugs is very funny.

The operation went super smooth. The doctor got everything out that he wanted too- the mass and its nodes plus something else with a very complicated name (it had formed as result of an infection from her last surgery). The doctors felt there what they took out was not cancerous, but they sent it off to the lab to be sure. The one thing that surprised me is that the incision wasn't as big as I thought it was considering the mass that had to exit out of it was as big as a plum.

Jess is resting now (which is her way of saying "sleeping"). When she wakes up I'm going to take her to Hotel Resort de MeeMaw, where she'll spend the night.

Thank you for praying-- having surgery this week was defintely unexpected.


Jace said...

I am so glad to hear that everything went well. We love you. Don't forget to get more rest than you think you need.

Love, Mandy, Jeremy and Jace

Anonymous said...

Your in my thoughts.... I love you so very very much

Aunt Pam

Bangsunds said...

Jess -- So glad the surgery procedure went well...we look forward to the next report and send our thoughts and prayers.
Love, Lynne