Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Plans

Sorry for not updating you sooner, and thank you all for your prayers. I was not anxious at all Tuesday morning and Dr. Euhus called early... about 9:00! He gave me some good news and the plans they have for going forward. There were three main issues discussed: my shoulder pain, the lump in my breast, and the new spots showing up on the latest scans.

They concurred that my radiation oncologist, Dr. Spangler, can help me with my shoulder pain while the clavicle fracture heals on its own. I am to call and get in to see her as soon as possible. I am also going to mention to her that I have been having a little back pain to see if it is possible to radiate both the shoulder and back at the same visit(s).

Dr. Euhus and the other surgeons thought that although the scans show no cancer growth on the new lump in my right breast, due to my history and the way it feels to him, he wants to remove it. So, tomorrow at 7:00 AM I will have a lumpectomy with Dr. Euhus. I still feel in my gut that it is not a cancerous lump, but who wants lumps in their body anyway? People pay lots of money to have lumps called cellulite taken out every day! I feel so confident in my doctor and so away we go. I think it will be much easier than the previous surgery in March when I had my right lymph nodes removed under my arm. This surgery will require no drain, or overnight stay. Day surgery, a few stitches and we're home. (I still might milk a spa grandma day out of it if I can! :)

Concerning the new spots they see on the latest PET scan, they plan to fight that with a new regimen of chemo. If all goes well I will start that late next week when I see Dr. Hayley.

So, I still have not managed to get the pictures I promised, but thank you for your understanding. I covet your prayers. The surgery is set to begin at 7:00, and take about an hour. Also, you can pray boldly for the cancer to be eradicated completely with this latest chemo attack. Thank you so much for your help with the girls, your calls, and emails. They mean so much to us!!

Jake or I will update again soon.

Much love,

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Tessa said...

Okay, absolute outloud prayers! As always, I am available to help with anything at all. You have been on my mind everyday lately. God is calling me to pray outloud. LOL Tessa