Sunday, August 19, 2007

Catching up!

A lot has happened over the last few weeks. Sometimes, I have not posted because I do not have my camera. Sometimes, I have my camera and can't squeeze in any time to write. Now, I still don't have my camera, but I am feeling the pressure to just write!

First, let me say how much it humbles me to hear so many of you that want an update! I know that means that there are so many more that are praying and thinking of our family often!! That brings such a smile to my face and is so uplifting.

Katelyn and I had a wonderful time together up in Oregon. It was so fun to have her all to myself. I had a fun, relaxing time with my dad, step-mom Cindy, and college bound sister, Liz. I also got the incredible blessing to see aunts, cousins, and a precious grandma. Some of our highlights were white water rafting, spa (me), horse back riding (Katie), swimming, dinners together, and shopping!

It was also so good to get back to see Jake, Jadyn and Bryn. I sure missed them! It was a great homecoming. The girls tried their best to clean the house for me and had pictures they colored taped all around the house to welcome us home. Jake had an equally fun time at home with the yikes.

We just sent off Jake's family today. Jake's dad, step-mom, and sister Hannah came into town Wednesday. His sister Sarah, her husband James, and their adorable 11-month old daughter Vanessa came up Saturday morning. We had fun visiting and playing together. One day we went to a pizza place that is like a Chuck E. Cheese, Putt-Putt and Bowling all wrapped into one. We went to the Science museum and all except me went to the zoo (I was at various doctors all that day!). It was a great week. I am thankful they made the trip down!

I did go to the doctor on Friday. I was supposed to see Dr. Euhus (surgeon) for a check up and then to Dr. Hayley (oncologist) also a routine visit, followed by round 6 of my same chemo regimen. Nothing went quite as planned! I did see Dr. Euhus. He did a normal exam and felt something on my right breast he was not comfortable with. He wanted me to have a mammogram and sonogram right then. Unfortunately, the lab could not get me in at all that day. Dr. Euhus really wanted to get more information right away so he decided to do things in reverse order and do a core needle biopsy right in his office. I have had this before at my initial diagnosis so I knew what that entailed. I was just surprised to do it right then! The results of this will come Tuesday. He scheduled me for a mammogram and sonogram later this week.

When I went to my next appointment with Dr. Hayley, it was obvious that she had already talked with Dr. Euhus. They decided to hold off on chemo for right now. If my biopsy did show any recurrence of cancer, I would most likely need surgery. I have already been off chemo for 4 weeks. Surgery requires about 6 weeks off. So, I would be able to have the surgery soon if necessary. Also, if I do have a recurrence in my breast, I would have a whole new chemo regimen anyway.

My shoulder has been my biggest complaint over the last few weeks. Dr. Hayley had me go over to another building and get a chest x-ray to see what was going on. She reminded me that I had some shoulder pain in the past and it was from a tumor in the clavicle. I had forgotten, but was relieved that both she remembered and that it was an old spot and not something new. Still, Dr. Hayley seems to want to see what is changing to cause so much discomfort. Dr. Hayley scheduled a PET scan for me this week as well. I am really thankful for my doctors and the staff at UT Southwestern.

Specifically, you can pray that what the doctor felt was scar tissue and not cancer. You can pray also for wisdom for the doctors, as my case will be presented at a round table conference with all the team on August 28th. Pray for me and my family that we would take whatever comes next with peace that passes understanding, and have confidence in the treatment before us.

We all had fun this week with family. Jadyn was glued to her cousin Vanessa the entire time. If she wasn’t in her face cooing and smiling, she was trying to pick her up, follow her, give her a toy, sing a song, play peek-a-boo...(I could go on ☺ ). I loved watching the girls with their cousin! We now have such a quiet house, which is a lot to say with the five of us.

Pictures to some soon. One step at a time!


Shelley said...

It's great to "hear" from you, but will be even better to see you this week, hopefully. We have to get in a couple of more playdates before Jadyn starts school. I can't believe she's already the next one graduating from playdate. How wonderful that your doctors are always on their toes when something comes up. I will continue to pray for you. I love you! Shelley

Anonymous said...


It is great to hear an update on you and the family. I have been thinking about you a lot lately and waiting to hear what y'all have been doing. I will pray for Doctor wisdom and excellent treatment for you. Keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

Grandma wanted to know why you didn't update about the boil.. If it was not for her I would not have known about the boil... WHAT ABOUT THE BOIL JESSSS...


Anonymous said...

It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT seeing you and Katelyn. Glad for the fun time and catching up we got to do.


"Aunt" Anita

Anonymous said...

You're always in my thoughts and prayers.
(Aunt) Mil from N.Y.

The Bangsunds said...

Jessica -- it was so good to see you and Katelyn while you were in Portland. As always you are in our thoughts and prayers.