Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No news yet

Just a short post to let you know that I have not herd from my doctor yet regarding the biopsy results. My doctor was supposed to call Tuesday. Today, when I had not yet received a call, I called his office. Still, no message. I will post when I get more news.

Here is a sweet story to tide you over! Jadyn came into the living room one night last week after bedtime. She wanted to fix her bed (a ritual that takes a long time!). I told her it was way past her bedtime and to do it another day. At that moment (that I said no) she lifted up her right index finger into the air and exclaimed, "Wait!"…followed by a long pause..."Can I ask Dad?" We have a rule at our house that if I say yes or no to something, the kids cannot go ask their dad the same question hoping for a different response. Well, Jadyn went on to explain that she had already asked her dad the bed-fixing question a while ago and she had forgotten what he had said. In her mind, that would trump my decision since she asked dad first! I said okay, and she ran into the kitchen to find out what her dad decided. To her delight, he originally told her that she could fix her bed! Then, off she went, skipping to her room, so delighted with herself. What a clever daughter we have. Actually, we better watch out!!

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Anonymous said...

You have THREE clever little daughters, yes, you better watch out!

Thinking of you.

Love, Janette