Thursday, August 23, 2007


I got a call lat night from my nurse who told me some good news: the biopsy revealed benign cellular growth. Meaning, no cancer! I will find out more details Friday, when I will still go get a mammogram and sonogram before I see the surgeon for a re-check. I'm sure I will have more details then. But, for now I will just bask in the good news!


Shelley said...

Thanks for the update Jess! Love you, Shelley

Anonymous said...

Yea! Jessica

I am so glad to hear your good results. I have been checking all week. Time to celebrate the news! I will pray that your upcoming appointments continue with good news. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. You are so encouraging to me.


Anonymous said...

I'll see your Yea! and raise you a YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!



Anonymous said...

Basking in the good news with you! Ahhhhh...So happy to read the update!

Bev Damon and family

Amy said...

WOOT! WOOT! That is Luke's favorite sound right now. It seems appropriate. :-) We are praising God with you.
The Bangsunds

Tessa said...

Fabulous!PTL he hee

Sarah said...

Wow! What great news! And to think that you were waiting for this news while spending the weekend with all of us. What a roller coaster! Thanks for being such an awesome hostess even with so much else on your mind!