Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hooray for Healthy Hips!

Mom(Judy), Jadyn, and I got to Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas bright and early this morning. It's a very kid-friendly hospital with lots of stuff to see and do in between appointments. We got x-rays first. Jadyn remembered the rocket ship in the waiting room from the last time she went. From there we saw Sherry her nurse and Dr. Johnston. I had to tell Sherry that Jess had passed away which is still hard to say especially because she and Jess shared a special bond. Then we got the great news. The last time we came, her hip was a lot better after surgery but not quite right, and we had waited two years to see if her hip would heal on its own. The great news is that it did! Next onto the movement lab where Jadyn participated in a research study. The hospital is trying to get the type of surgery Jadyn had to be used more often because they believe it to be more effective than others. They put on a butch of reflective dots all over her and then videotaped her walking. The video was put into a computer where they constructed a 3-D image of her walking. I thought it was really cool as it is the same way they create a lot of CGI (computer generated images) like they do in movies.Jadyn didn't think it was that great though. She didn't like all the dots all over her and having to redo movements when the computer couldn't pick it up for a variety of reasons, like her moving too slowly. I'm going to put a picture of it up later as well as Easter pictures from Aunt Diane.


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO! Great News!!! So glad to hear Jadyn has wonderful hips! Give an extra hug to Judy for me!!!

Love to all,

Aunt Janette

Lynne said...

OUTSTANDING Love, Dave and Lynne

Anonymous said...

Hot diggity dog....go Jadyn! Great news, Jake. We have a great God!

Love you,
Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear great news for your family that Jadyn's hip is healed!

The Casas Family

Alpha 1 Vann Clan said...

So good to hear good news! Hey, Aaron is enjoying playing soccer on your team again. Take care! Only one more 6 weeks of school left!

Al Rearick said...

Hooray for Jadyn and thank you God for saying YES! This has got to be a HUGE relief for y'all!

Wouldn't it be cool if the hospital could let you take the video of Jadyn walking and put that against a green screen and have a CGI animator (like we know of any! LOL!) put a background of her favorite scenery?

Still in my prayers,

Anonymous said...

Ok, this has to be said...


love to all,