Monday, April 6, 2009

Yikes Story

Bryn and Jadyn have been doing art projects lately together. I love to hear one of them ask the other to pass the "Scottish" tape.

On Sunday we were running really late to Sunday school. I didn't like how we were going to miss thirty minutes of something that only lasts an hour. Jadyn and Katelyn agreed with me-- they don't like to be late any more than I do and didn't like missing half. Bryn, however, piped up from the back seat, "but we GET to go to half of Sunday school!" I kind of like the modern twist on the "Is the glass half full or empty?"

Finally, Jadyn did the sweetest thing. A few months ago, PTA gave me a gift basket for being teacher of the month. It was very tailored to me because I got a giant sticky hand (I am such a kid and have enjoyed using it). Jadyn found it on the floor and put it back on the counter. I didn't think much of it until I saw what she had done to it: two of the fingers were bent down so my hand was now in the shape of "I love you" in sign language.


Anonymous said...

Scottish tape... love it.
You are so aware of the sweet little bits of life.
Keeping you all in prayer,
Karen Dolan

Natalie said...

too funny...kirstyn uses the scottish tape too! great yikes story jake!

Al Rearick said...

That "sticky hand" story is the sweetest thing I've read in a long time. Jadyn is such a sweetheart.

Love Bryn's comment: "we GET to go to half of Sunday school!" Such wisdom from someone so young. She's already latched onto the whole beauty of our future with God in His Kingdom: we GET to go to Heaven! What a blessing Bryn is!

Still in my prayers, as always.

In Him and around the corner (BAD PUN ALERT: and wondering, since the gift basket was made especially for you, if it was very "Kaylored" to you),


Pat Douty said...

I'm hoping that Jadyn learned that "I Love You" sign from one of the WONDERFUL Sign Language Interpreters that used to teach in Kids Choir at LABC - wink, wink