Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sorry for the long wait for a post

This has actually been a really good week even if it has been overwhelming. Sunday I missed Bryn's soccer game again. She and Jadyn's game have overlapped this season more than any other, but as I am the coach of Jadyn's team I've been going to Jadyn's games instead of her's. I was excited about her having a Sunday game apart from Jadyn until I realized her game and my game were at the same time. My brother-in-law Garret took the girls, but it turns out there is both a Webb Elementary school and a Webb Park and I had told him the wrong place. Bryn did make the last quarter of her game, but I felt bad. My game turned out great. We have uniforms for the first time (usually everyone just wears the same color of shirt), a great goalie, and now that we've been playing together awhile awesome team chemistry. It's the best team I've ever been on-- Sunday we were short-handed, but still won against a very talented team. Soccer has been my release particularly over the last year; it's the one thing I do for me every week.

Monday I took the Yikes to a soccer clinic. It was cool because I got to chat with one of the parents on my soccer team about his spiritual journey. He talked about going to a class called Alpha which is both for non-Christians and Christians who want to know more about the bible and how it applies to life. He is a non-Christian and my favorite part of his telling was when he told me how God got his attention. He was in chapel when sunlight peaked through the window and hit him square in the face. Annoyed he scooted a few feet over where much his dismay the sunlight moved and got in his eyes again. The sun must be setting fast he thought-- all just go over to the other side of the chapel. He moved all the way over to the other side of the chapel where you guessed the sunlight moved to hit him square in the face again. Not long after he chose to be in the Light as he came to know Jesus through the course. He now loves his Methodist church that he goes to, but is looking to be baptized by full immersion (they sprinkle in the Methodist church). Our church is going out to Lake Granbury soon and perhaps the Yikes will be baptized.

Tuesday was soccer practice for Jadyn. Bryn had soccer practice at the same time, so I just took her to Jadyn's. Immediately after I picked up Katelyn from Boles as she had UIL with choir, and we went to the Warm Place. This was only our second time to go as there wasn't a meeting two weeks ago because of Spring Break. We made it just on time and the family liked it. Two cool things happened there one at the dinner before the talks we sat with a family who had a girl in 8th grade at the very same school Katelyn goes to (Boles) who had lost her dad. I'm hoping to car pool next time with them. Then later I realized that one of the guys in the group with a familiar face plays indoor soccer on a team we've played against which is great to make a connection, especially with something like soccer.

Wednesday I mistakenly thought was almost free. I picked up Katelyn from her second night of UIL choir (they got the top scores by the way). Then the Yikes and I cleaned up the house followed by a movie night watching the remake of The Shaggy Dog. It was a great time marred only by my realization the next day that I was supposed to go to dinner with the men in Jessica's family. My memory has been absolutely horrible.

Thursday Aunt Sandy took the Yikes to get Easter dresses. She has been meaning to get together for awhile with our family, but her busy schedule hasn't made it possible. I was really glad I didn't get the phone call saying something came up and instead the girls had a great time with her. While they were with her I was at Katelyn's track meet. The best part of the meet (which is excruciatingly long at three hours) was when they had a "big boy" relay where the boys and girls that do events like shot-put and discus ran a relay. It was the greatest thing because the crowd cheered more for them than for any other event and their teammates got super excited for them and were jumping up and down, hotting and hollering.

Friday I had friends come over that were in our college group. One of them, Jeremy, we haven't got to see much as he now lives about an hour away. I say that because in college before he was married we would see him several times a week.

Now here we are at Saturday it's a full day, but I'm going to make it. If you pray for us, pray that I remember to breathe, that the Yikes have good dreams, and that Katelyn draw close to the Lord as she tries to make it being a teenager without a mom. I appreciate you keeping up with us.

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Anonymous said...

What a "full of fun" week. I am so glad you look at each busy day as a blessing. Sharon Whitt used to say that busy isn't bad, busy is just busy. So we breath and thank the Lord for one more day. I loved taking the girls shopping for Easter dresses. They wanted the same exact dress. I figure that might not be the case for too many years so enjoy while we can. They did however opt for different shoes! Loved shopping with them and dinner filled with milk shakes. What more could a gaggle of girls ask for?

Aunt Sandy