Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grave Visitation

It was a little bit cold, but it turned out much nicer than the dreary rainy weather that was predicted. Jadyn wrote a note on a rock for herself and made one for Bryn too. I had a bit of trouble finding the grave, but between phone calls to my dad and mom (my in-laws) I found it. It turned out I was going the right direction, but just needed to go a little farther. The head marker looks really nice and although I didn't want to take a picture of it this time, I'm planning on taking one the next time I visit. Katelyn thought it looked really pretty which meant a lot to me. I had no idea what my emotions would be on this trip (I was pretty much nervous the whole journey there), but I was surprised to find that it just felt really good to go. After Jadyn and Bryn found just the right spot to put their rocks, Bryn began hopping from foot to foot. She had to go to the bathroom. My Aunt Suzanne was praying for something to lighten the mood this time and this was sure it. I was very glad I waited to go as a family and also for the headstone to be put in place. The trip just felt right. Katelyn and I talked about just the two of us going some time as we both realize the girls have even shorter attention spans than the two of us.

My mother-in-love told me she has already raised all the money she needs to walk the Three Day in the fall. I know it will be a hard walk for her this year, but she has a knack for doing the right thing and this definitely is the right thing.

Finally, today has been a really hard day. I had a soccer game today where we played great as a team and won in style which normally would be enough to brighten any day for me, but I've felt down all day. Maybe next month the 29th will be easier.


Anonymous said...

I love you, Jake.

Aunt Sandy

Al Rearick said...

Same here, man. Same here.

What you're going through, no one should ever have to go through, and you're handling it with a grace that is nothing short of inspiring.

My prayers go with y'all today, and I hope your time at the WARM Place tomorrow night is an especially blessed one.

In Him and around the corner,


Anonymous said...

I know where you are at Jake and it is no fun, but it does get more bearable. See you at WARM Place tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


You have a difficult job and road ahead of you, but you are handling it with grace. Jessica would be so proud of you and the girls.


Anonymous said...

Hang in the Jake. You have a lot of loving arms wrapped around you no matter where you go or what you do.

Lynne said...

Joke -- so glad you and the girls made the trip to the cemetery... we send our love and prayers.
Dave and Lynne

Anonymous said...

Macy Lynn Kauffmann was born this day at 8:48 pm.

The Kauffmann's