Friday, March 27, 2009

Maybe Tomorrow

I keep thinking that "today" will be the day we go to Jessica's grave. However, this week has been jam-packed especially for Katelyn. There have been opportunities to go, but not with all of my girls and I feel like it's important to go as a whole family the first time. Of course God is always in control of timing, but especially in this situation, I'm confident that He is choosing the right time for us to go as a family. It will be OK if that day is Sunday the 29th, but I want that day to be tomorrow. Yes, I'm still dreading the 29th. We are definitely moving forward (not moving on) in our life without Jess and while that life is a good one; it is also filled with moments of sorrow. I'm not saying those moments are bad-- I have learned that sorrow for a time is not a bad thing-- but they still catch me off guard. The Yikes have soccer games in the early afternoon, so tomorrow night/afternoon might be the perfect time to go (although the weather is supposed to be awful).


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you all have long johns! It is a cold as Christmas and the wind is howling! Soccer weather in Texas....have a great day, guys.

Aunt Sandy

Al Rearick said...

While driving around today, with the weather ending up as beautiful it did, y'all were in my thoughts, hoping that yesterday's "maybe" would turn into today's "definitely." Thankfully it did, and I can't wait to hear how that went.

In Him and around the corner (and watching out for the ducks!),


Anonymous said...

Walking through the valley with you