Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break... aaaaaahhhh

Sorry for the long gap between posts; life has been hectic, but Yippee it's Spring Break! Today has been an up and down day. Finding out the girls thought it would be fun to squirt each other with the detachable shower head-- not fun. Going to eat at our favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Neighborhood Grill-- thumbs up. Going to Bryn's soccer game in the cold and wet-- not so great. Going to Jace's (cousin Mandy's son) 2nd birthday party-- awesome! The best part of my day though was seeing MeMaw (AKA Betty) walk through the door at Jace's party. She looked fantastic too-- not at all like someone who has had heart surgery!


Al Rearick said...

Hey Jake! I haven't forgotten about having you all over for dinner, and hopefully since it's spring break there will be a good night for y'all to come over. We've got games we can play, and there's always Rock Band!

In Him and around the corner (and not believing for a second that your Aunt Sandy is a day over 30!),


Anonymous said...

Aren't we glad we have so many greats in the midst of the "not so greats?" You are obviously looking at the glass half full and flipping the not so greats to be pretty dog-gone awesome. We have many blessings in our family.

Aunt Sandy

Lynne said...

Have a fun Spring Break with the girls. So glad to hear that Betty is doing so well after her surgery.

with care,

Lynne and Dave