Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today was MeMaw and Popo's 58th wedding anniversary. Here's an update and advice he wrote in an email:

Betty continues to recover well. She has been to out patient Rehab three times and that is going well. She has been out of the house a few times and everything went well. She is more active everyday and remains very positive during her recovery.

On one of our outings we went to our Grandson's Corbin's baseball game. He made our day with a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN. Three hundred and five feet plus.

You all have made our days with your prayers and good wishes. Betty and I appreciates all of you so much.

Today is our 58th wedding anniversary. We got married on her parents wedding anniversary. They would have been married 80 years today.

Before we got married and I was in the navy in San Diego, I was hitch hiking home and a family friend picked me up and gave me the best advice for a good marriage. He told me to never go to bed mad at each other as if you do, the mad will move over to the next day.

His advice was for one of us to say they were sorry (that was usually me. ha) and that would be the end of the bad feelings. We have attempted to follow this advice, and it looks like has worked for 58 years.


Al Rearick said...

58 years!!! Wow!!! That's like.... here's a fun thing for the kids to think about: 58 years ago, it was 1951. In 1951, there were no computers, internet, or blogs. Snail mail was the only way to write to someone. ALL telephones were plugged into the wall, and you had to call an operator to be connected to whoever you wanted to call. ALL televisions were black-and-white, and you MAYBE got two or three channels. And if you missed your program, too bad; there were no DVR, TiVo, VCR, etc. There were no microwave ovens. There were no iPods or mp3 players; any music you wanted to listen to came in the form of a flat, black, shiny piece of vinyl called a "record" which spun around in circles and only had one song on each side.

I hope I didn't frighten the girls too badly. :-)

Happy Anniversary to your Memaw and Popo from around the corner, and thank the Lord that Betty's recovery is going well!

In Him and around the corner (and thankful for all the electronic gadgets & doohickeys that clutter our lives),


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Al for making those of us who are "close" to 50 feel like dinosaurs. What a reminder as to how life changes and continues on...some joyful and some not so happy. I remember our parents 50th anniversary. There was no cancer and we still had our brother in-law James, too. What a reminder as to how precious are these moments. On mom and dad's 50th anniversary, we celebrated in of all places...the teachers lounge at Wood Elementary. I remember that Jessica and Garett wrote a song and sang it for their grandparents. I wish we had a video of it. Make life. It will be precious to you one day to relieve the moments.

Aunt Sandy