Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Warming Up

I feel like I can take a deep after making it through yesterday. This week has been the frenzy of frenetic activity I thought it would be, but I didn't collapse in bed like I thought I would. We were out of milk so I had to make a trip to the grocery store first!

The Warm Place was really nice. I was thinking the kids were going to benefit the most this time because I feel like I'm dealing with my grief in a healthy way and I feel like each day is better. However, I realized after listening to people last night that it's still important for me to be around other people who have lost their spouse. It's important that I share Jessica's story and listen to other share their stories. As for the kids, Katelyn did not complain on the way back home (a good sign). Jadyn and Bryn were happy. Bryn has been having nightmare every night for about a week now. I told her what a good friend of mine recommended that she tell the monsters in her dreams that "Jesus said go away." Actually when I told Bryn this, Jadyn came up with her own plan; she said dream that you have a big sword and chop the monster into bits. Please pray that Bryn be free from her nightmares at night: they are spiritual and emotional.


Lynne said...

Jake -- what wonderful news that you all had such a good visit to the Warm Place. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers for comfort and peaceful sleep.
Love, Aunt Lynne

Al Rearick said...

Baby steps, my man! That was a huge first step y'all took in going to the WARM Place. I would love to get together with y'all sometime this week and just listen to your experience there: find out who the facilitators are and if any of them were in my training group (I hope so; there were some truly wonderful people in my group), listen to the girls stories about who they met, and listen to your story and how it opened up a whole new world of reaching out and being reached out to.

I am so happy for you all, and so glad y'all are doing this. This is going to be nothing but wonderful for all of you!

In Him and around the corner (and all kindsa WARM!),


Anonymous said...

Dear Jake,

I love the Warm Place. It was such a blessing to Jacque, Zander and Kaylee. I know it will be for you guys, too. Katleyn didn't complain.....YEA!!! I'm so glad Al Around the Corner is our friend...what a blessing God has given us.

Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

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it would help bryn with her nightmares.