Saturday, March 7, 2009

Time Change

I'm putting the Yikes down early tonight. When I told the girls about the time change, they started laughing so hard. I told Jadyn first and she ran to tell Bryn, then they both started laughing hilariously. I'm glad they thought it was funny because as an adult is there anything funny about losing an hour?

It's amazing how fast a girl can mess up her room and how long it takes to clean it again. The Yikes finally have their room clean after spending this week cleaning it every day, but I have to wonder how long will it last?


Anonymous said...

Dear Kaylors,

Don't you love how kids can find happiness and joy in just about anything? Their laughter is contagious. I am praying that ya'll have a restful sleep. I imagine everyone is very tired....busy, busy days. I can't wait for you to have spring break so you can forget about routines and just enjoy the fool out of each other. I hope spring break will afford you guys some time together. Jessa would want you to enjoy "the moments" you have.
Love, love, love you!

Aunt Sandy

Al Rearick said...

How long will it last? What time is it? :-) You didn't even mention Katelyn's room, or do you just avoid that area of the house altogether? I know I did when my daughter was Katelyn's age. They eventually grow out it. I think. I hope! ;-)

In Him and around the corner (and thinking there is NOTHING funny about Daylight Savings Time),