Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another headache :(

Jess had another headache last night-- and was sick to her stomach again. Then she had another one this afternoon. One of her oncologists here (Dr. Abidoye) sent her for a CT scan right away on her brain. The preliminary results show nothing suspicious, but I'm very impressed at how quickly he acted. We'll know the official results tomorrow. Jess is sleeping right now. It was a sad day for her as Katelyn, her mom, and her stepdad all left this afternoon. As for me I miss them already and I miss Jadyn and Bryn horribly. I have parked in the parking garage so many times now that I can't remember which level I parked on. While Katelyn was here we made up rhymes tell help us remember the correct level. For example, "Level one is so much fun. I like to run and eat a honey bun." I already miss being silly with her. She has a heart of gold too-- as we were leaving hospital parking she offered to pay the $2 (Jessa's stepdad paid for it instead). I love hearing the reports of prayer for us-- keep it up!


Lynne said...

Jake--- so glad you have such great doctors helping Jess. Krista really enjoyed seeing you all. We have you all in our prayers...and keep making use ofthose rhymes. I hear the girls will be back next weekend...all of them.
Love, Lynne

Anonymous said...

Hey Jake - rule of thumb for parking garages (from a transplanted Texan now in New York) - park in the same place all of the time, then there is no thinking involved. #2 if you don't remember the floor, but think you are around, press the alarm button so the car alarm goes off - yes the rhymes work the best, but these are the 'NY tricks'.

It hurts me to hear about the headaches, and hurts about Judy, Mike, and Katelyn leaving, but please remember, WE ARE ALL THERE WITH YOU, maybe not physically, but oh so mentally, and with the boat loads of prayers behind us. Give Jess a kiss for me, and a nice soft hug.
Aunt Janette

Anonymous said...

P.S. As I'm putting my boys to bed I had an idea - have the girls talk to Jess each night at bedtime - have Jess say the nighttime prayers with them - great think to think of as they go off to sleep.
Aunt Janette

Anonymous said...

I have heard of people having terrible headaches after spinal taps and even epidurals due to a temporary loss of spinal fluid (maybe with back surgery, too). Hopefully, that is it and the headaches will go away soon. I think a friend of mine who had that happen said they had her drink Cokes or something to help the headaches. Just a simple idea. ??? We are praying.

Wendy Casas

Anonymous said...

Jake, please tell Jess that the the people at Gateway Healing Ministry have been praying for her over the weekend and have asked for updates so they can continue doing so. They have also asked that we let them know when a phone can be brought in to Jess so they can pray with her and over her while you and any other believers present lay hands on her. I wonder how many prayers are being lifted for Jess around the world? Let me know if you would like me to set up a phone call!

Blessings to all...


Aunt Suzanne said...

I love how you are able to spend so much time with Papa I know he loves it. You are both making a positive impact on the family in California. Your faith is so strong!! God is working in ways we cannot see or understand. I do believe it was providence that Jess fell in San Diego no mistakes there. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Hugs, Aunt Suzanne

Anonymous said...

It was so lovely to see you both yesterday -- and Judy, Mike, and Katelyn to boot!! I felt so blessed to get to spend so much time with all of you -- it was so fun to catch up! I was hoping to come back down this evening, but it sounds like you guys have had enough excitement for one weekend...and I know 4am will come pretty early tomorrow! :)

love you!! Krista