Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Breaking News

First, let me thank you for praying for us whole-heartedly. Tonight I ran into two families that were already knew our situation and were already praying for us. They represent the many people who are praying.

The latest plan is for Jess to come home Saturday to have surgery in Dallas. Pray for me to make my flight early tomorrow morning, for the kids to feel secure and peaceful, and above all for as little pain as possible for Jess as Jshe makes the plane trip. Aunt Sandy will also like me to add for you to pray for a private jet for Jess!


admccomb said...

I'm on the private jet thing :) Tell Jess I love her!

Anonymous said...

May the Lord be with you as you fly to San Diego and that Jess makes the trip home with as little pain as possible. I am glad that you will have her close to home and family as she goes thru the surgery. I continue to send positive thoughts and prayers your way as always. Jesus is travely beside you Jake, lean on Him for strength and rest.

Anonymous said...

The private jet would be wonderful!! You guys are certainly on my mind and heart as I go about my daily walk. Today I will be driving to Waco to pick up Garner and I love using that driving time for prayer. NO PAIN for Jess as at the top of that prayer list right now! Safe travel, Jake!

In Him!
Marilyn Whitted

Amy said...

Praying like crazy for you, Jess! I just can't seem to get you off of my mind, so I am just praying! Praying for a good flight in the morning for Jake and a painless as possible flight for you home. I am glad that they are letting you go home. That is so much better than recovering from surgery far away.

Amy (kentuckygirl)

Anonymous said...

Jake - how about asking Angel Flight. Here is their website
and under "look for a public benefit flying org near you" they also list this one
Meg and Phil in Philadelphia
(ps your mom has our emails and phone numbers if we can do ANYTHING

Liz "TotheMax" said...

Great to talk to you yesterday Jake!
I will keep praying for you guys. Hopefully my mom will see you tomorrow at the hospital for a little visit and some cheer. Sending lots of love your way. Mark will call you back after Easter craziness. Thanks for calling him. Liz in Oregon

Sarah said...

Hi Jake! I hope you made your flight! It must be tough for Jessa to be stuck in a bed so far from home, and the weather sure hasn't made things any easier for you! Well, I'm really glad that they'll be sending her back home, because at least that does make things a LITTLE easier. Take care, and here's hoping for some normal southern CA weather for your return trip!

Natalie said...

we are praying for you and Jess! the way you guys handle all of these challenges really inspires many people to look at their faith. we love yall!
Natalie and David Dickey

Anonymous said...

We are praying for a smooth, quick and comfortable flight for you. It will be great to see your smiling face back home. We continue to pray for wisdom for the drs to find the perfect treatment for you. Our Lord already knows what that will be. We pray for Him to give you all an extra helping of strength and comfort! We love you guys!
-Liesl Parker

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, don't you wish you could turn back the clock and be a little girl again? I wonder if I appreciated life when I was young? I sure never thought of divorce, jobs, finances, or cancer. I remember hopscotch, Mother May I, jacks, skating up and down the block, Red Rover.....but never cancer. Never pain medicine, never chemotherapy, never bald heads, never "ports", never scared to death. But, here we are and here we go. I don't get it. But, God never said we would get it. He just said that He promised He would NEVER leave us, He said not to be anxious, He said that He is greater than all things, even stupid cancer. Someone said the other day that God did not create cancer. (This profound thought came from one of my dear friends!) When God created, He said, "and this is good." Cancer is anything but good so God did not create it.

We don't get to come home tomorrow. The great news is that Jessa can sit up in a chair!! The not so good news is that she can't sit up for more than 15-20 minutes without either getting sick or feeling light headed. The physical therapist says this is normal but he doesn't recommend that she fly tomorrow. Since she has been laying down since Monday, her muscles have to learn how to sit again. He feels like two days of therapy, having to get up 5 times a day and sit and a little bit more healing and she will be good to go.

So, one more time we change our plans. Remember, God's plans don't change. This is not a surprise to Him. I rebooked the three of us for Tuesday morning at 10:15. Tis is the only flight that we can all sit in first class, in the bulk head together. This is definitely something we need in Jessa's current situation. So, the Lord freed up the seats! The plan, as of tonight is for Jessa to go from DFW to St. Paul Hospital. She is in good spirits. I think the fact that she knows now she can sit up has lightened her load immensely.

Pray for Jake...... Bob, Jessa's dad reminded me that he is 31 years old, he is scared, he has three little girls at home and this is not how his life was supposed to be. But, as my niece Mandy would say, "You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit." I believe this with all my heart, but I am still going to reserve the right to pitch a little.

Happy, happy Easter. The Lord is risen! What great news!


Anonymous said...

Angel flight is a great recommendation! I've used it in my work as a medical social worker many times. It's all done thru donations. You should call them. 918.749.8992

Meg Boyle (Jessica's BSF group)