Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Rollercoaster of a Day

Jess was in a great mood this morning-- as if having extensive surgery the night before was no big deal. Later, she got measured for a custom orthotic that will brace her back. It's very likely that she will have to wear the brace the rest of her life, but on the plus side it will help prevent other vetebrate from collapsing. A little bit after two Jess starting got a bad headache. They were able to get the pain under control, but in the meantime Jess got sick to her stomach. There was a long stretch of time this afternoon and tonight that we let Jess rest. So, while she rested, we went out to eat with Jessa's cousin(Krista), Katelyn, my mother/father in-love, my Aunt Terry and my Uncle Ron. I love my family. Then we came back and waited around a bit-- the nurse finally let us in about 8:30 and we stayed until after 10. Jess was feeling much, much better, so we ended with a high point in a rollercoaster of a day. By the way the blog posts the time in Central Time, so it's late but not as late as it posts. Thank you for your prayers and good night.


Anonymous said...

Hope things stay on level ground today.



Anonymous said...


Please let Jessa know that the gates of Heaven are being stormed in her behalf. As I walked through church this morning at LABC, everyone was asking about her, praying for her and holding her up for total healing. I can't wait to share with you guys all the blessing through this journey from this end. Our plan and prayer for healing hasn't changed....if anything the church is even more on fire for her. Those caring for your family is overwhelming. If we took everyone up who asked to take care of the kiddos, we would be covered for a year. God knew just who to place in our path for times such as these.
Love you,
Aunt Sandy

Tessa said...

I just have to second Aunt Sandy's comment. Your church family is fervently praying for all of you and ready to step in and take care of whatever we need to help you with. We studied 2 Corinthians today and learned once again that this is why we have a church family to give of ourselves what other members are lacking. God has blessed you greatly because you are a blessing yourselves. Love to you all! Tessa