Sunday, March 23, 2008

Please Pray Now For Jess's Surgery

Hello Everyone.
This is Jim Kaylor (Jake's Dad)relaying a message and request for immediate prayer for Jess and Jake. Today Jess lost feeling in her legs. A MRI was done to help determine the problem. It was discovered that her cancer had spread to her spine and that two of her vertibrae had collasped. She was told that unless she agreed to have emergency surgery (Jess is still in San Diego) that she would be permanently paralyzed from the waist down.

Please pray for Jess and her surgeon (Dr Coufal)that the surgery is a success. The surgery is to remove the tumors on her spine and then decompress her spine. If possible they would also like to put in support for her spine. They suspect that procedure will not be possible until a future surgery.

Thank you in advance for your ferverent prayers.
In Christ,


Anonymous said...

Is anyone available to meet tonight and pray together? Late is fine with me. Call me at 817-988-4963.

Wendy Smith

Anonymous said...

We, like so many, are praying for you guys!!! We know that God is in control and lift you up to Him.
Lisa Parnell

Natalie said...

We are praying and have forwarded the prayer request on to many more! We love yall!!!

Parker5gang said...

We are praying right now for Jess, you and the girls. I am calling many others to pray too. We love you guys.
Amanda Parker and family

Aaron said...

We are praying for you--moment by moment and have asked many others to pray for you. We love you, Jess.
Aaron and Kim Vann

Anonymous said...

I continue to lift you all up in prayers. I pray that the surgery is free of complications and that Jessica gets some relief from the tumors on her spine. I also pray that the doctor would have a steady hand. I pray that Jessica gets home very soon. I will continue to pray as I know there are so many who are doing the same. I lift Jessica and all of you up right now. In Jesus Name, AMEN