Thursday, March 27, 2008

Precious Little Sleep for the Princess

Katelyn is coming in tonight, so I am at my mother-in-love's hotel where they have Internet access to update you this afternoon. Jess had a hard time sleeping last night. She felt jittery after taking her oral medicines last night, but the worse thing happened later. Her night nurse took out her IV (so she could put in a new one) but forgot to take off her blood pressure cuff. The cuff automatically takes her blood pressure every 15 minute and started squeezing her arm. Blood started squirting and it took awhile for it to stop. Needless to say Jess is very tired and the day nurse she has now has been extra careful with her today. On the plus side a nurse that knows massage came in and helped Jess to feel both comfortable and relaxed. Another plus is that Jess has really enjoyed messages sent via Scripps. The neurosurgeon talked to Jessa's nurse and said that the surgery will be Friday or Saturday. When I hear a definite time I will post it.


Anonymous said...

I sent Jess a message, but was not sure what hospital she is at. Could you let us know? Thanks for keeping us updated. Enjoy your weekend with Kaitlyn.


Anonymous said...

Jessica is at La Jolla. Cards can also be sent to:

Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla
9888 Genesee Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037

aunt janette

Natalie said...

thanks Janette for the address!