Monday, March 31, 2008

PT Cruising

They brought Jess her brace last night after I posted last night. It's really just pieces of hard molded plastic with straps. It was really hard to put on laying down-- it will be a lot easier when she is cleared to put it on while sitting up. The PT (physical therapist) did a great job (as did Jess!) and she was able to sit up for the first time since surgery. She'll be doing PT once a day for now, but she's cruising along. We are hoping Jess will be able to move up to a room on the oncology floor today or tomorrow, but right now she is great care in ICU.

I read a post asking about how to give money. The way our community has come together has been unbelievable as well as very humbling for Jess and I as we are both joyful givers and not as good at receiving. I believe an awesome account called the Jessica Kaylor fund has been set up. I don't know much about it as some wonderful person set one set up for us while we were gone. So if you know more about it please post a comment.


Anonymous said...

Give up? Never. Our aim is Victory. You, God and I...With sturdy Hearts and Love and Determined Daring Faith. We'll move the world!! You watch. You wait. You'll see. We can.

You Can Jessica and Jake. Things are starting to look up for you two. Each day you get stronger and more prayer warriors emerge from all over the place. We all feel the love and faith radiating from San Diego. I know the Lord is pleased with his loving children here on earth. Praise God for wonderful, caring doctors and nurses.

Anonymous said...


There is a Jessica Kaylor Fund set up at Affiliated Bank, 2326 W. Pleasant Ridge Road, Arlington, TX 76015. If someone wants to mail a check, the address is: Affiliated Bank, P.O. Box 152137, Arlington, TX 76015.

Becky Ward

Anonymous said...

As mentioned below, the Fund is set up at Affiliated Bank.
The jet charter money to bring Jessica back home when she is ready is separate from the Affiliated Bank Fund. And great news, all the money for the jet charter is committed and the fee is taken care of...thank you Lord.

~cody~ said...

hey im sorry that katlyns mom passed away but shes been fighting for a are lucky you have so much good friends to help all of you along the way. i hope that you all can get through this. im also gald that mr.kaylor doesnt have to come back to school until he feels better.
~Cody West~

Lewis N. Clark said...

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