Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Starting the Week off Right on Monday

You may remember there were several things I wanted you to pray for as we were prepare to come back to Dallas. The first thing was the doctors to be in total agreement about Jess being able to travel safely home. I am happy to announce that Jessa's team of doctors here and in Dallas agree that she is good to go. She is coming back Monday! That's not 100% of course but things have nicely lined up and things will come together by the end of the week for that to happen. I was planning on playing tag team with Jessa's grandma with me leaving on Sunday and her coming on Monday, so I'm very glad I can stay an extra day and fly with her home.

Jess got some modification to her brace yesterday and she was able to try it out this morning as she sat up. It feels good-- or as good as comfortable as something like that can feel. I have been calling it her Breastplate of Righteousness because it looks a bit like a Roman Breastplate. Jess got to come out of ICU at 3 this morning. I was a bit sad as her nurses there have been so good, but she has a fabulous nurse right now who is making Jess feel like her only patient. I also got to see Jessa's surgery site today-- it looks so much better than I imagined it. It's about eight inches long with about forty staples and looks like it is healing really well. Pray for there to be less drainage from the site though.

I have enjoyed my late dinners and nights at my grandparents (my Oma and Opa) but I have one complaint-- their poodle, Lincoln, is too good of a dog. Now all Katelyn has been talking about is getting a poodle. I can just picture Katelyn attaching wings onto a couple of pigs just in case. She is doing the hurdles and pole vault at the city track meet tonight-- I think she has a good chance of getting over in the pole vault and winning city. A big thank you to those of you who will be there cheering her on. Bryn also has "Kindergarden Roundup" tonight. Jess is going to really miss not being there for Bryn and Katelyn so pray for her spirits tonight.


Natalie said...

wow, jake, that is a lot of great news in one post! i am so glad that so many of our prayers are being answered. what an amazing God we have!

we will pray for the drainage to slow. my dad had much trouble with drainage after his heart surgery and after his back surgery...but it seemed to just decide to stop one day...i pray this will be the case for Jess.

oh and is it a full size or toy poodle that you will be getting? lol. :-)

Anonymous said...

The Almighty Power of God is being revealed here. Through the many Faithful & Persistant prayers, He is "moving mountains" - Glory to God!! <>< <><

I was able to go with the kindergarten class today on their field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium and I was priveledged to sit across from your precious Jadyn on the 40 min. bus ride.

It was a blessing to see the smile on her face as they enjoyed the bumpety bump bumps and sang "the wheels on the bus go round and round." The otter put on a big show for us and Jadyn's eyes just lit up!

She is a true joy & one of a kind...just like her momma and daddy! She was still concerned about the mispelling of her name on the basketball award though...lol :) and told me of all the fun things she has been able to do with aunt jackie and such. She spoke of her camping trip and excursion to the beach.

She wanted me to know that her momma broke her hip but she would be back soon! I told her that I heard that momma was getting better really fast and that she was so lucky that she got to do all those exciting things...she agreed!!

Thanks for sharing the good news today! We look forward to your return to this Awesome Community that has come together united in Christ and united for Jessica Kaylor.

In Him,

Lisa Smith

Aunt Suzanne said...

Dear Jake and Jess,
Look at all these amazing answers to prayer!! What an awesome God we have.

You both are such an encouragement to so many people.

I love you both and look forward to all the miracles God has for you around the corner.

Love, Aunt Suzanne