Saturday, April 19, 2008

Therapy days...

Hi all!

Today in PT I did two new things. First, I did a "transfer" mostly by myself from a wheelchair to an exercise table!! It was slow and steady, but I did it! Also, I stood up!! With much assistance with someone on front and behind me, I stood for 1 min and 5 seconds! Yea for new accomplishments.

Thursday and Friday in therapy have been both good challenging. I am seeing growth in muscle strength every day.  This is very encouraging.  For example, we will do an exercise daily that has me try to pull my knee to my chest, lying down.  The first couple days, I could see the muscle twitch like it was trying to move.  The last few days, I can see the while leg come up about an inch. Not much, but improvement.  It encourages me to know that each day could bring more and more movement and strength back. 

One prayer request is that I am increasingly uncomfortable in my brace, which I have to wear when I am up.  I am not sure why the last few days have been quite difficult.  I am working with the ortho department to see what adjustments can be made. They have already cut it down some, but they are going to work on it again Monday.

Bryn said something funny last night when she came to visit.  We were coloring a picture of Cinderella, Jasmine and Snow White together and as we were finishing, she said, "Hubba Hubba!" I looked at her and asked he what she said, hoping I heard wrong.  "Hubba Hubba!" she said again.  I was hard to not bust out laughing and I asked where she heard that.  She said from a commercial with a girl and a football player.  Great! Now my 4 year old is oogling Disney princesses saying "Hubba Hubba!" Hopefully, she will not be repeating that one again!:) 

This week has gone so smoothly at home due to the help of so many people.  Thank you for taking such an active role in helping our family.  I am continually blown away by the support and care of each of you.  Yesterday, I was blessed with a big care basket from Jadyn's kindergarten class along with being able to read letters from each of her classmates urging me to get well soon complete with colorful rainbows, hearts, and cute drawings.  It was a treasure.  

Hope you are all doing well today!
Much love.,


Anonymous said...


We are so glad to hear of your progress!

"Hubba Hubba!" that is priceless. I know what you mean about trying not to laugh. Payton said the most precious thing the other day too.

She saw me dressing and wondered why I had a brown spot on my side. I love to tease her, so I said, "It's a beauty mark...because you mother is sooo beautiful." Of course I am joking and trying not to laugh. She replied, "Why is it called that, it's not beautiful."'re right," I said. Then she added," You just want to call it that because you want everyone to THINK you are beautiful!" I couldn't bite my cheeks anymore. I had to laugh.

Children are truly precious and so very innocent aren't they? They certainly put everything into perspective. Even during the tough times, they can always put a smile on our face.

Thanks for sharing your funny stories about the yikes with us. We enjoy reading them, and I hope you chuckle reading mine.

Great Day, Jess!

Lisa Smith

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Love to hear about how things are going - and they sound like you are making great improvements everyday. That is exciting.

The brace will get better with tweaking and use - think of it similar to a new pair of shoes, you have to wear them in a bit before they get comfortable. This to will come.

Give all a kiss for me. Thinking of you always.