Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Improvements every day

Hi all!

I have had three good days of therapy.  I am increasing my standing time. Monday, I stood for 4 minutes, took a break, and 4 more minutes! Yesterday, we only had time for one time, but I stood for 6 minutes 30 seconds in a row.  And, each time I am needing less and less help.  Yesterday, for example, once I got balanced, the person behind me let go completely.  I still needed the person in front of me to block my knees. Whenever she let go, my knees buckle.  But, I am learning to flex the muscles I need that we never even think about when we can walk.  But, when you are relearning to walk, you have to constantly remind yourself until it is second nature again: shoulders back, stomach in, bottom tight and pushed forward, and thighs flexed. It's a lot to think about.  Often, I am saying these things out loud to remind myself of what to do!  

I am getting better at transfers from bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to exercise table.  I had a little setback yesterday at the end of the day and I could not move back in the wheelchair.  It is frustrating to not be able to do something that I have done before, but my PT assured me it was normal and that I was tired after a long day of therapy.  I did much better today.

Sometimes my normal therapists are out and I have a substitute.  They always bring a little something new.  Today, I did much more of my own dressing and learned a few new techniques for moving.  Yesterday, I learned how to lift my leg up and onto the other in the wheelchair to I could put on my own shoes.  I also had a great therapist who gave me new arm exercises that I really felt!  So "new" brings its own great opportunities.  

New devotional lesson I liked a lot: God knows where we've been, He knows where we're headed, He knows where we're supposed to going, and He knows how to get us there.  He gives us the light we need for each moment. Thank you God for this moment.  

Thank you all, you are awesome!


Anonymous said...

Jessica, YOU are the AWESOME one!!!

We all pale in comparison to your spirit and inner strength.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

I so agree with Anita! It is funny when we first teach our children to walk we just try to stand them up and push them along, never realizing the 'shoulders back, stomach in, bottom tight and pushed forward, and thighs flexed'.

Thank you for helping us all stop and think about each movement, motion and action we put into place. I sure have learned not to take things for granted anymore!!

Thinking of you always.

Aunt Janette

Carla said...

Thanks for your daily encouragement. It's my first 'devotional' each morning! You are constantly in my prayers as is Jake and your precious daughters.

Natalie said...

I saw Bryn today walking out of school and she was prancing in a very pretty skirt! It once again reminded me to stop and say a prayer for you. Sounds like you are doing great and making much improvement. Oh and thanks for always sharing what God is teaching you...He uses you to speak to so many!

Anonymous said...

I Love you so much Jess

Aunt Pam

natalie said...

Hi Jess!
Just popping in to say Hello and that I think about you a lot. I am just in awe of your husband, how he loves you so much, and really jumps right in there to care for you. You can tell he really loves doing things to make you happy and your life easier. You are so blessed in that regard.

I wanted to tell you my PET/CT scans were clean. I am very happy, although no one is calling this a remission, only a chemo holiday. I'll take another holiday thank you!! I DONT want to go back on treatments - NOOOOOO!!! I am getting my markers checked every Friday and this past Friday it was up to 39 from 36 a few weeks ago - UGH!! I am trying to up the diet, nutrition, exercise and get my supplements to see if there is anyway possible my own body can heal this. I definately not going to start chemo before I go to the Kentucky Derby this week-end. I can't wait!!

Well love to check in on you and see how you are doing. Looks like a lot of work, but your up or the task. Your faith is right on task - I thank God everyday for my life, as messed up as it is on most days!!