Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sitting in San Diego

Jess wanted me to fill you in the details of the day, but she wanted to write a note too. Jess did really good sitting today. She hasn't been able to sit more than 15 minutes at a time, but today she was able to sit with no support. We finalized some of the details of the plane trip today. Jess will leave the hospital by ambulance at 10:30 in the morning. Then she'll get on a medical jet and fly to Dallas. There they will transfer her by ambulance to St. Paul hospital. ETA is 5 PM. Jess and I can't wait to see our girls.
Here's Jess
Hi all,
It is amazing to sit in this hospital bed and think of all of you praying for me. If I ever have a fleeting thought of denial of my situation, I am swept up immediately by this overwhelming hope. It is beyond anything I have ever felt. It is a hope that fills my whole mind and my whole body. It is hard to put into words, but it is as if I am on a being lifted in a blanket of clouds, like a big deep breath. I have had a good day, with lots of smiles and successes. I am reminded of you always with calls, emails, cards, and flowers. Amazingly, each one mentions of so many other’s prayers, it’s like 1=100! Thank you for keeping me close to home so far away.


Natalie said...

That will be a long hard day but soooo worth it to be back in the land where Jess is REALLY Royalty!

Jessica, it is really great to "hear" your voice in your notes. You are amazing and your hope and faith inspires the masses!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Buffet had a hit single a long time ago called "Come Monday". It went like this...

"Come Monday, It'll be all right,
Come Monday we'll be holding you tight. You spent three lonely weeks in a brown LaJolla fog and we just want you back by our side.

Yes it's been quite a spring,
doctors, nurses and west bound friends...

Come Monday, It'll be all right,
Come Monday we'll be holding you tight..."

Ok. I changed a few words but believe me and everyone else, come Monday, it'll be all right.
Thank you Lord!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jessa. It seems so long since we had our In and Out Burger!
Jessa, I think I know why the Lord placed me at TVS....He has increased our territory. Our Wood Family and now our TVS family has grown closer to the Lord because of your walk with Him. What a role model you are for all of us. We love you so much, Jessa and and thank God specifically for THIS moment,as well as all the others to come.

Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

It has been so great to "hear" your voice again. Jake has been doing an awesome job as on the spot reporter. Don't forget, we Arizonans are praying for you also.
We also love you and know we are witness to the limitless power of faith and prayer and the ultimate love God has for His children.
Have a great trip home to your beautiful girls.
Love, Judy O'Dannel

Anonymous said...

Jess, I'm so glad to hear that you are coming home. I know God is doing great things in your life and in the lives of those you have touched. Can't wait to see your smiling face again. Have a safe trip home.


David D said...


Just so you know, you are not the one who needs to be thanking people. We need to thank you...

-Thank you for your faith throughout this ordeal.

-Thank you for having the courage to fight when some people might have given up.

-Thank you for being our friend.

Jess, just know that you are loved and prayed for daily. And that even in your lowest days (when surgery was inevitable, when your toes wouldn't move, etc.), you were/are being lifted up.

We love you and can not WAIT to see you and Jake again.

Again...thank YOU!

David D

Anonymous said...

Hey--thanks to anonymous for the Jimmy Buffet tune! Great song...

Anonymous said...

We in NY think of you often and pray that you and your family find peace, comfort and strength. You'll be home with your girls before you know it!