Friday, April 4, 2008

Counting Down the Days

You can look forward to a post from Jess tomorrow. She has had a big day and now is eating dinner while I post (I'll grab something later).

Jess has PT in the morning. Her balance has improved, but she was limited in the amount of time she could sit up because her back was hurting where her drain was. I say was after PT Dr. Yoo came in and took out her drain. Her back looks good but you can pray for no spinal fluid to leak out of her spine. Then with the OT (occupational therapist) she was able to sit up for a long time-- a record twenty-five minutes. Today was also the first day I noticed a big improvement in her leg movement. She is now able to drag her leg from left to right on the bed with assistance. Dr. Coufal came by to say goodbye. That guy dresses as well as he performs surgery. The first day we saw him was the day of Jessa's surgery on Easter Sunday. We attributed his dressing well to perhaps coming right from church. However, every day we have seen him since he has been dressed up too. Then Dr. Abidoye came in to talk with Jess for about half an hour. He has been very compassionate and he is always thinking of what Jess can be doing here but also in Texas when we get back. He mentioned a few chemo medicines that Jess had not heard of and she has not tried yet. At the very least we will ask about those medicines when we get back. I have also been exercising Jessa's legs. It feels good to her to but also wears her out. My one break today was finally going to the beach. It was pretty cool because I got see some seals including a baby one and I brought Jess back a cupful of sand.

The thing I am most excited about is Jessa's trip home. You can see the aircraft Jess will be flying on at Click on "aircraft" and then "Citation 500."


Anonymous said...

I can do all things through God who strengthens me! Praise God for movement, totally committed doctors,nurses and staff, a wonderful husband, family, friends and anonymus well wishers. May you continue to get stronger and stronger.

Natalie said...

That plane sounds fancy! We will be praying for a safe and uneventful trip!

(Jake and Jess you can stop reading now...I just couldn't think of another way to contact some of your close friends and family without your help!)

Attention Loyal Readers of Jess' Blog: If you live in the DFW area, please email me if you would like to attend a "Big Give" Party at my home to make a little something for Jess. (my disclaimer: I spend too much time online). I was chosen by Ford to host one of 150 Oprah Big Give parties in the US on Sunday night. I had to write a little essay about who I would give big to if chosen by Ford and I picked Jess. Anyway, Ford is going to pick 10 of the 150 parties to "help" to Give Big so if we get chosen that would be great...but if not, we will have lots of fun and spend some time praying for Jess after we watch Oprah together and do some other stuff I have planned.

If you are interested, please email me. You can click here on my name and then "Email Me" from my blog profile. I look forward to hearing from you!

Tom & Sue said...

We have followed your lives since we met Jake in Waco with the Green Van. You havea wonderful family and such strength. We will be so excited for you Monday. I'm sure hours of planning have taken place. We will pray for the flight crew, nurses, physicians and everyone involved. God be with you. You may not have an ocean view at St. Pauls, but you will be able to see Texas and your precious little ones. You are just in time for bluebonnets and wild flowers. With love, Tom & Sue McComb

Amy Sayegh said...

Hi Jessica,
You are truly my hero. God shines right through you and brings that light to everyone you come into contact with. You are a blessing to everyone, and we are all praying for you and a cure for this terrible disease.