Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Ilium and the Odyssey

Why not do hip surgery? Several doctors answered that today. Jessa's hip break is in the Illiac crest. I didn't know what the Illium was (if you want to know here's a link: ). Jessa's break is in the top of her hip not the socket. What that means for her is that she probably won't have surgery before they radiate the hip. She had her last back surgery two weeks ago which means radiation is at least still two weeks away. Jess is all set to go to rehab at Zale Lipshy hospital ( but they are not ready for her yet as they are waiting for a bed to open up. I'm going to pray for that person whose bed she will be taking-- the way I see it that's a win-win situation.

I got to see Jess twice today, but I'm going to bring the kids tomorrow since they're off school :) This week in the midst of being tired and uncertain I have been amazed at God's timing and provision. There have been many, many things that have worked out just perfectly. I think people often call God by the wrong name when they call him coincidence! One final word-- blogger will update you when there is a new post if you click on "subscribe to posts (atom)" at the bottom of the page.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess and Jake,

'I'm going to pray for that person whose bed she will be taking--' What a wonderful idea!!

Thinking of you always Jess and praying for a comfortable transfer.

All my love,
Aunt Janette

Tessa said...

I guess I will be bringing the tamales to the hospital.