Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scans and the Return of Yikes Stories

Yesterday, the Dallas doctors wanted their own MRI and CT scans to compare with the ones at Scripps. What this meant for Jess was leaving her room at 5 PM and coming back at a quarter til 8. Jess is an amazing person because she was more worried about us (friends and family) waiting than she was about being uncomfortable for almost three hours. She was supposed to have an x-ray last night too-- but she told them she had enough and got the x-ray done tonight instead.

Leaving Scripps was a bit like leaving family-- everyone had fallen in love with Jess by the time she left. Jessa's amazing spirit is starting to be noticed at St. Paul, but I'm not sure she will be there long enough to make those same bonds she had in San Diego. It's quite possible she will go to a rehab hospital soon. There is no email a patient service at St. Paul, but there is Internet in the patient rooms (Yippee!), so you can email Jess directly at She's not always up for returning emails, but she loves to get them.

I am so glad I can share Yikes stories with you again. Jadyn and Bryn were talking in the car about what president they wanted to be. Jadyn said she wanted to be George Bush. Bryn didn't know any other presidents than Abraham Lincoln (though he would have been a fine choice), so she asked me who the first president was. George Washington I told her. Not to be outdone, Jadyn told her than I'll be George Washington D.C.!

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Anonymous said...

The love of God shines brighter than the sun through you Jess. Your gentle, sweet spirit is like His! You're a blessing WHEREVER you are; touching the lives of everyone you meet.
How you must bless the Lord!!!!!