Saturday, April 12, 2008

New home

Well I am all settled in here at Zale and it is so good to be onto the next step. I am in a different room than I originally thought, 814.  I have a prettier view and nicer room than before.  Also, the nursing staff is great.  My nurse also told me that the nurses during the week work M-F so I will have much greater consistently.  

I will start my rigorous  PT and OT on Monday. I don't know what I am in for, but I am ready for the next step.  They already brought in my wheelchair and say they can get me into it tomorrow. If that happens, they really are moving fast! I will continue to trust that they know just what to do.  

I will post more soon, but I just wanted to let you know the outcome of your prayers! Thank you God, for this moment.



Anonymous said...

Knock the roof off with your exercising Jess! Instead of the Biggest Loser you will be the Biggest Winner!
Jacque, Zander and Kaylee

Anonymous said...

Jess and Jake,
Getting Jess back home was such a blessing and getting her to Zale so quickly is God's perfect timing. How sweet and accepting to refer to it as "New Home". Jess, you CAN do anything the PT and OT have in store for you, the Lord is with you always ,as you know.

Tessa said...

OK, you can do this! It will be hard, but anything worth doing comes with sacrifice. Hey, maybe you will walk with much more attitude than ever before. Tell them you want to practice walking with a little soul.

Anonymous said...

you are in a great facility. they have a wonderful reputation for doing the right thing. The staff always gets good marks. So you are in good hands at Zale and in great hands in HIM. Thank you God for this moment! What a witness you are Jessica.

Anonymous said...

Your faith, and your strength, will carry you through this part of the journey, just as it has all the others Jess. I'll be rooting for you all the way from Arlington!!

Barbara Payne