Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bringing it to Jess

Bryn turned 5 today and Katelyn had a dance. The Yikes have started calling going to the hospital, "going to mom's." Well we went to "mom's" today. Jadyn and Bryn made a cake last night( with oven help from me) and frosted it this morning. We brought the cake plus opened presents. Then Katelyn, her friends, their moms, and her cousin Corbin showed up in their dance attire. They brought with them hors d'oeuvres and sparkling grape juice served in champagne glasses. It was pretty cool and to top it all off they sang a song they have been learning in choir complete with dance moves. What a day!

After we got home and got everything put away-- I went around taking measurements. I am hoping to get the house modified by the time Jess gets home. My dad is going to make us a ramp for the front door and mail it from Maryland which I think is pretty cool. At least the garage will need a ramp too, possibly the back door. I'm not sure yet what I will do with the tub-- either buy something where Jess can be wheeled directly over it-- or take out our tub and put in a walk-in shower with a bench. I'm going to talk with Jessa's PTs and OTs this week and hopefully they can give me a plan of action because I'm pretty sure there are things they will mention that I wouldn't have thought of.

Let me close with a Bryn story. As we were leaving the hospital earlier this week-- I told Bryn to walk on the inside of the sidewalk with Jadyn, so I could walk on the side closer to the street. Bryn always observant said "That's so I won't get hit by a car and die right, daddy?" I was a bit taken aback at the death part but I managed to get out something to the effect of yeah, that's right. Then Bryn looks up and me-- realized I'm now next to the street and says, "But that's OK if that happens to grown-ups though, right?"

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bryn. Hope you enjoyed your day.

The Yetters.