Monday, April 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home

The time stamp on this blog will be right for once as we are back in Texas! Here's what happened today:

The ambulance was due to arrive at 10:30, and for me it felt like at least a day passed from when I got up at 7 to then. The EMTs didn't arrive until 10:45 though and those fifteen minutes felt like a day as well. Although there was an airport close our flight crew preferred another airport, so it took about thirty or so minutes to go to an airport next to the Mexican border. When we got there, I thought the plane looked big; Jess thought it looked small. I guess I wasn't the one on the gurney. We found out that Don Johnson used to own the plane, but now with the redo the inside looked like an ambulance with wings. The flight nurse told us that without the med stuff it takes up to eight passengers. The flight was really smooth, but boy you could really feel the wind sometimes, especially as it took off and later descended. It felt a bit like when I am driving in high winds. The second ambulance was right there when we landed and brought us quickly to the hospital. The only glitch came when we got to the hospital. Jessa's name didn't come up when we tried to admit her, and they said they weren't expecting us. For once my brain didn't freeze up and I remembered the name of the admitting doctor, Dr. Bagwell. They looked up her name again on a different computer-- they found it this time and after a bit of a wait while they cleaned her room admitted her with no further problems.

Unlike Katelyn, the Yikes hadn't seen me for almost three weeks. I got to see them while Jess was being admitted. They both ran up to me and I took turns picking them up and giving them huge hugs over and over again. Kids don't get tired of that kind of thing, but my back did. Katelyn is taller than Jess now and thankfully settled for a hug with her on the ground. It's been over three weeks since the Yikes have seen Jess. When they walked into her room they briefly hesitated when they saw that she was lying down in a hospital bed. Then they raced to her. Bryn got there first and flung herself into a hug. She kept holding on and didn't let go. Then Jadyn started nudging her, "Hey, it's my turn!" They both ended up getting plenty of snuggle up time with mommy.

Unlike this morning when we were waiting for the ambulance this time the minutes flew by until it was the kids' bedtime. I didn't like leaving and neither did the kids but there was a bonus when I got home-- putting the kids to bed; I really missed that. Good night and thank you for your prayers for a safe, comfortable flight for Jess.


Natalie said...

welcome home!

Amy said...

Praise God. We love you all.
-Amy, Erik, Luke and Paul

Lynne said...

So glad you are all back in Texas...we send our love and prayers,
Dave and Lynne

Anonymous said...

Jake and Jess, Welcome back to the "United States of Texas"!! So glad everything went o.k. Rest...both of you.
Your "soul" sister.

Mike said...

Welcome Home Precious Kaylor family!!!!
--Mike and Cherie Stephenson

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Love, Garry Jeanette and kids

Anonymous said...

Praise God for getting the 5 of you back together! What a powerful Healer we have. Seeing all of you together must be healing to the soul.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through the YSC board and I have to say...I am overwhelmed! Your stories of family and love have brought me to tears!!!! I am a 35 year old mom of a 2 year old and 4 year old with Stage IV breast cancer also (mets to liver and bones). I am so glad to read that you are home with your family where you can be surrounded by all of their support! On a less serious note...the music on your playlist is AMAZING! I have been listening to it over and over again! I am a non-practicing Catholic and this music has me feeling that I should get myself to church ASAP!!! :) Anyway, I'll continue to follow your journey and wish you the best!!

Karyn Slomski
Auburn, MA

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Continually praying, the Damon Family

admccomb said...

I'll just join in with whatever else is saying...welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Karyn Slomski, Auburn, MA Just wanted to let you know that you have others praying for you now as well. I am so glad you found Jessica's website. They are an awesome family and God has touched many lives through this journey. We are continually reminded that nothing is in vain, everything works towards His glory.
Lisa (in TX)

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I am so thankful that you made it back to Texas safely! I am in the PTA with you at Wood and check in on you here daily. You are definitely in my daily thoughts and prayers.
Margie W.

Carla said...

Welcome back! Your account of the girls' welcome filled my heart with joy over the Father's tender care for us all. (Especially those of us with little girls whose hugs always bring healing!)

BTW - I LOVE your story about feeling yellow!!! Anyone who hasn't read it should stop what they are doing immediately and go read it!

Kristy said...

Welcome Home Jess!!

- The Gile Family

Anita said...

Hello Jessica and Jacob,
I want you to know you are in my prayers. I found you by having "Kaylor" as a google alert. My mom was a Kaylor and I do genealogy. Well, long story short, I found you and got "wrapped up" in your blog.
You sound like a very strong family.
I will continue to pray for you. Please give all those precious girls a hug from me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you God for this moment, as Jessica would say. We are glad you are home. We love you and continue to pray daily.
The Gerzsenyi family...Audrey, Madalyn, Hannah, Daniel, Jennifer and Bryan.