Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Pool

Jess loves the water. She loves going to the beach, pools, and hot tubs. There is not much that can ruin her day if she has a chance to soak in a bubble bath. Lately she has been able to take showers sitting down on a tub bench, but for Jess it can't compare to being immersed in water. Today, I got to see Jessa's face light up. She met with Dr. Star for a check-up on her leg surgery and to take her stitches out. The stitches I'm sure felt great to be out with his nurse removed them. However, her face absolutely beamed when he wrote her a prescription for pool therapy. For Jess that means walking and being able to wallow in water. A winning combination if you ask me and bonus: she'll be able to do her pool therapy in Arlington.

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Amy said...

I love your blog so much. This post and the last were just what I needed tonight. Erik is out of town on business and I've been feeling mildly pity-partyish. No good! Jake, your honesty and transparency are a blessing.
-Amy and crew (Erik from San Diego)