Friday, June 13, 2008

The zapping is done!

Well, just as gas prices are tipping over $4.00, I do not have to drive back and forth to Dallas for radiation any more! I finished my last round Monday, and received a lovely certificate assuring me I am done! I will not miss the daily trek at all. The radiation was for my back (where the surgery was) and my right pelvis and leg. I do not have any pain in my right leg anymore!

Camp songs anyone? Jadyn and Bryn have spent all week at a fun camp at my aunt Sandy's school. They had a blast! Katelyn excitedly left for church camp today in Oklahoma. The yikes will attend a local day camp, Camp Thurman, next week. Wow! I am glad we have not had one speck of summer boredom...yet!

I am working on setting up water therapy. I have one more week of home health and then, hopefully, transition right into the pool!

Speaking of a pool, I found a great hotel for our San Antonio vacation in July that has an ADA Wheelchair lift into the pool! I might look a little conspicuous getting into the pool, but the time I will be able to spend with the girls will be worth it. To think last year I was concerned about how my bathing suit looks. Now, that is not a speck on my radar as I try to adapt to our new normal. I am grateful for the opportunity to make memories with the girls this summer.

As we are close to Father's Day, let me just say that I have the best guy around. When I think of what he did not sign up for, but does as if he wants to, I am so humbled. I often wonder if I would be as patient and grateful, loving and encouraging if the roles were reversed. I hope so. But, I don't have to hope with Jake. He does it all. And, all the while being such a great, hands-on dad too. The girls and I all feel so fortunate that God has blessed us with a husband and dad we admire, love, and respect.

Much love,


Lynne said...

We send our love and so glad your radiation is DONE!! On to summer and time with the girls and Jake.

Love, Lynne and Dave

keepdreaming said...
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keepdreaming said...
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Anonymous said...

I love you, Jessa! I am amazed at how the Lord helps us see what is really important in life....bathing suits, not on our list of concerns.

I love you,
Aunt Sandy