Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thanks for the wait

Thank you faithful blog reader as you waited for out latest post. We decided to get laminate wood flooring put in to help Jess get around easier. It was supposed to take two days which would have been Saturday and Sunday, but they just finished up today-- four days later. The good news is we have been staying at Jessa's grandparents' house, better known as MeMaw and PoPo. I for one have enjoyed hot breakfasts, MeMaw doing our laundry, and help with Jadyn and Bryn. Jess I think has enjoyed the power of suggestion. All she has to say is that she feels like something (for example a root beer) and PoPo comes back with it (for example-- and this really did happen: three different types of root beer in 2 liter, 16 oz. bottle, and can). Jessa's health has been a mixed bag. She is getting stronger and can now easily transfer almost all on her own. However, she does not sleep well and started taking her pain medicine again at night which helps her sleep better than when she wasn't taking it. Also worrisome are her feet-- which feel like they are tingling as if they have fallen asleep. I am grateful that she will be able to start on chemo soon after she has a tooth pulled. She has been getting out a lot which can wear her out, but I think has been the best medicine for her. Most of it has been fun stuff like a Woman's bible study, but some of it has been icky stuff like the root canal she had yesterday (yes, she still has to get a tooth pulled too). Katelyn went to camp over the weekend and had a blast mostly because of the high school kids from church who Katelyn adores and have taken her under their wing. Jadyn and Bryn are doing Camp Thurman this week. It's a day camp so they come home at night to get baths-- it has a reputation for two things: being fun and making kids dirty, so the baths are really a necessity. I for one had a great Father's Day on Sunday other than Katelyn not being there. I hope you fathers did too. Let me close with a Yikes story-- it may not be that funny to you but it struck me as funny. We sent Jadyn and Bryn with two piece Takinis to Camp Thurman. We're actually a bit partial to one-pieces but Jess wisely thought that with a two-piece they wouldn't need help going to the bathroom. Those of you that have dealt with young girls in one-pieces know exactly how much help they need with them. Well anyway, Jadyn looked at Bryn's swimsuit top and said "I like your topping."


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Glad to hear you got spoiled again - well deserved. If the pain meds help you sleep, then take them. A good sleep should be on your list of priorities right now.

See you soon!
Love, Janette

Pat Douty said...

I agree with Janette about the pain medicine. I remember once after having surgery, a nurse told me "Don't be a martyr - take the pain medicine." I think sometimes, we women feel that we need to just "work through the pain." Well, frankly, that's just getting old with me. I figure if a little medicine makes ME feel better, everyone around me will feel better:-)

I'm praying for you all daily.

Jake - don't feel guilty about not posting. I figure "no news is good news" sometimes! PLUS, you need a break too!

Anonymous said...

Your blog left me with a smile...."I like your topping!" God gave us the YIKES for a billion reasons but I know one was to make us truly joyful, even in the midst of "stuff." I love the new floors, I love your attitude, I love your family, I love that you got spoiled....I guess I just love you guys!!!

Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

We're still praying for the Kaylor family. Everyday since we learned of Jessica's challenge with cancer, we continue to metion you in our prayers. Many times a day, we are asking God to give you strength and healing. There must be so many people praying, but we just wanted to let you know we are too. May God's Spirit encourage you and guide you.

Recently, I met with Lisa Grabowski. What a swell friend. We purchased some t-shirts. Great design! We love the faith message on the t-shirt.

Lots of hope and prayers,

L. Caballero