Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yesterday Jess did the ultimate thing in her wheelchair: she learned to pop-a-wheelie. Now she can make her wheelchair go over lips by herself, but more importantly she can look cool doing it.

We also celebrated PoPo's (Jessa's grandpa) 78th birthday yesterday. We went to Babe's in Burleson where they have a tradition of dressing up whoever is celebrating their birthday like a chicken and making them doing the chicken dance. I must say at 78 he looks much more spry than I do at 31. He definitely enjoys life to the fullest.

Jess is finishing up OT this week-- so we're hoping she can be in the pool this week. Jadyn is going to basketball camp at the Y, Bryn is going to VBS, and Katelyn is helping out with crafts at VBS. Katelyn is perfectly suited for it: she's great with kids, super organized, and has a knack for making crafty things look great.

Jessa's back has been hurting lately. The hardest thing has been sleeping well at night although she slept great last night. My back isn't feeling to well either. It's not to surprising that I hurt it. I am constantly bending down to move her feet, helping her transfer, lifting her wheelchair in and out of the car, etc. The good news is that Jess needs less assistance every day which cuts down on my back-bending and I am seeing a great chiropractor.

I can't believe how many people bought Our Journey with Jessica shirts. I see people wearing them all the time and they all have stories. They tell me about who they saw wearing them and they get to talk about how they know us. For me they are a constant reminder of people's prayers and love for us.

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