Friday, June 6, 2008

Worn Out

I'm feeling pretty good, but Jess is plain tuckered out. We got up early and took the Yikes to MeMaw's (Katelyn had spent the night with a friend). Then she came with me to finish end of the year stuff at my school. Young Junior High has been very supportive of Jess and everyone was super excited to see her. It kind of looked like she was a rock star and they were her fans from the way they surrounded her, minus the autographs of course. From there we went to see Dr. Haley. Jess got an infusion of medicine to strengthen her bones and set up a time frame on starting chemo. On top of everything else Jess is going to have some dental work done. The chemo she has been taking over the last three works has had a negative effect on her teeth: she will have one tooth pulled and a root canal on another one. Since Sinitinib effects the growth of new blood vessels, Dr. Haley felt it best to wait until after Jessa's teeth are taken care of. From there Jess went straight to radiation where she finished her second to last treatment. The radiation table is too high to do a slide board transfer, so I have been transporting her via a two man lift. This takes nerves of steel on Jessa's part as she does not like to be picked up (not even to be carried over the threshold after we got married). Then after radiation, we went out to eat in a Dallas neighborhood pizza place (Sal's) that we had read about while we were in the waiting room. Then we went to the airport to pick up her dad (Bob) who came to visit from Portland, Oregon. Then to MeMaw's again to pick up the Yikes. One of our big concerns has been going over steps. Jess really wanted to be able to go over steps because she will have to go over a few steps to get into one of her friend's house for a bible study this summer. We made it-- but I think I scared Jess. Something about wanting me to try it with an empty wheelchair first. After Jess forgave me, we went in and visited for a little bit. Then on to Katelyn's soccer game. From there we came home and had a late dinner. Jess loves getting out and seeing people, but she's going to sleep good tonight.


Lynne said...

hi from Germany....we send our love. So glad Bob is there for a visit...hey there, remember you don´t need to do it all in ONE day... no wonder that you are ALL tired out. Love, Lynne and Dave

Teri McLean said...

Hi from Virginia...I had Brett help me set up an account so that i can leave messages. Suzanne ordered me a Jessica t-shirt that I'm wearing today & thinking of you all. I'm going to order a few more for Tasha & Danielle. I read where you tore the bumper off your car Jake & I wanted to tell you that Danielle did the same thing, only it cost us $1500 (Yikes!) You all are such an inspriation and I'll keep praying for a full recovery for Jessa & peace for you & the kids Jake. Love you, A. Teri

Tessa said...

Hi from Arlington... hee hee. I have a suggestion on the steps. You have to get a good running start and just really quickly push up and over. It's bumpy but I am confident that you can do it. :)