Thursday, September 8, 2005

A diagnosis for Jadyn

We got the word back from the doctor-- Jadyn does indeed have Cat Scratch Disease. The good thing is that is treatablel with antibiotics which she is already on. I think yesterday was the first day that her lump was visibly shrinking-- it was looking pretty good today. The doctor said that it usually lasts for up to two weeks but it sometimes lasts several months, so we are very thankful that it is already clearing up.

Jess went out with a group of friends tonight to celebrate her remision-- I think its wonderful that she is connected to so many people that care about her. The group tonight was pretty special because they are made up of a group of young ladies who met every week to specifically pray for Jessica (how cool is that!!!).

Jadyn is able to buckle her own seat belt, but Bryn is not. Jadyn could let this matter go unnoticed but today in the car she very loudly announced it to Bryn. Bryn got upset in a few mili-seconds and screamed that she was "big too." I stepped in and told Bryn some of things that she can do that a baby cannot do: walk, talk, sing, etc. When I got to the sing part, Jadyn and Bryn both forgot that they were upset with each other and began to sing an artist's rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Jadyn creatively made up new lyrics to the song (for example not only was her star "up so high in the sky" but it was also "down low") and Bryn sort-of sang along with her. I say sort-of because when Jadyn would sing a new line-- Bryn would try to sing that same line as best as she remembered Jadyn doing it. I know they didn't realize it, but I guess there "big enough" to forget to fight and enjoy each other.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for creative Daddys... good job Jake on lifting the little ones out of their low spot. Thank you for the update on good to hear that she is on the mend.

with love to all the Kaylors

Lynne said...

Jacob & Jessica...

Glad things are looking up for Jayden; seems like it's often one thing after another, doesn't it!

Jacob: I was hoping that you'd be able to make it back to BSF soon; enjoyed getting to know you for the time you were in WL's class last year. Hope you can come back.

Love and prayers for you all,
Jay Graham