Monday, September 5, 2005

She's Got Hair

Very soon after Jess found out she was cancer-free, she began asking me if I thought her hair was growing back. For awhile now she her hair has been rather like baby fuzz. I of course played it safe by answering her "maybe." However, some time this weekend her hair decided it was about time to start looking glamarous again, so I am pleased to announce that it has started growing back.

Jadyn is still not feeling well; Jess stayed home with her yesterday.


Bangsund said...

Jake and Jess -- thanks for the update on Jess's hair... before you know it Jess will need a haircut :)

So sorry to hear that Jayden is not feeling well.

We send love, prayers and hugs to all of the Kaylors

Lynne and Dave

Amy Sayegh said...

Yeah! Mine is growing back, too. I'm not sure why I'm so excited, I just can't help looking at the fuzz every day. We are definately on the same schedule. We will add Jayden to our prayers, too!