Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Last Week

I got my bike fixed last week and intend to ride my bike Friday again. I also intend to tape record myself and use it the next time I tell Jadyn and Bryn the story of the Three Little Pigs. I just hope the huffing and puffing isn't too scary for them.

Jadyn's swollen lymph node is going down now which is a big relief. We look at and go "it looks so much better" but first time viewers look at it and go "oh my gosh, what happened."

Katelyn's birthday was Sunday and she turned 11. For some reason eleven sounds so much older than ten. Ten sounds like "My daughter is in double digits now," but eleven sounds like "My daughter is rapidly approaching becoming a teenager." Jessica took Katelyn and a few friends (Katelyn would have taken a bus load if she could have) on the train to spend the night in a hotel in Dallas. They apparently (I say apparently because I know better than to spend an entire night with four rapidly approaching becoming a teenage girls) had a ball. There was an ice skating rink right outside the hotel and they skated until the rink closed for the night. Katelyn was exstatic at being able to eat at McDonald's-- a place that Katelyn normally only eats at when someone other than her parents takes her (usually that person is named "grandma").

Jadyn seeing all the excitement around Katelyn's birthday has been asking every day when her birthday is (it's at the end of next month).

Jess is getting her Herceptin infusion next week. The infusion is given like chemo through her port, but without the throwing up, hair loss, and certain persons walking around the house in a daze because mommy isn't here right now. There are no side effects to Herceptin! It's an antibody booster that she'll recieve every three weeks.

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