Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sick Trio

Jess, Katelyn, and Bryn are all sick right now. It started with a sore throat and has progressed into stomach ache/nasal congestion. When Jess told Jadyn she was sick, Jadyn told her "No, you're not mommy. You're all better."


Anonymous said...

Out of the mouths of babes!!

Happy Birthday on Sunday, Jessica. We are doing the Race for the Cure in celebration of you. Can't think of a better way to celebrate your 30th birthday (unless, of course, it would be spending it with you!!!)


Anita, Chuck, Sarah Jane and Hugo

The Bangsunds said...

Happy 30th Birthday Jessica

Have a great day Sunday and we sure hope you are all feeling better. We are so glad your Dad can be there to help celebrate.

Dave and Lynne

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jessica. I remember because it's also Amy Sayeghs'daughter, Susannah and mine.(and Jacob mentioned it on his
birthday). So today there will be cakes---in Texas, New York & Ne.
But, there is no doubt that yours
will be the most blessed and happiest. Even people you don't even know are wishing you to have a "GREAT DAY".

Diane Taylor
Omaha, Ne.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jessica,

Wow, 30 years went fast. I remember the 'it's a girl' call. We were so happy then, and even more happier and proud now, if that is even possible. Enjoy the day with the family!
I miss you. Wish we could be there to share the day with you.

Love, Aunt Janette