Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Jess had her first non-chemo infusion today. That sounds a little weird I know, but before she would have herceptin plus three chemo drugs, but today she just had herceptin. The infusion took about an hour and a half so Jess had plenty of time to finish her bible study lesson. She is really excited about being in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) especially because there were over sixty woman who tried to get in and they took only half of that. The Yikes have started up Mother's Day Out again, so Jess didn't even need to get a baby sitter. Today was a great day for me today too because I am coaching Jadyn's team and our first practice went great today. I was a little nervous because we watched three year-olds Sunday morning and it was absolutely nuts trying to get them to stay focuse on one thing more than a few minutes. For example Duck-Duck-Goose turned into Duck-Duck-Disaster. One child would go duck, duck, goose and then the person who had been tagged would give chase, along with all the other children. Practice, thank goodness, was nothing like that. By the way this the 100th post to the blog-- that's a lot of writing!


Anonymous said...

Jake and Jess,
First of all, Happy Belated 30th!
I can barely remember what I was doing when I was that young. Jake you have a great gift with children and I'm so glad you are coaching. Children need coaches like you! Thanks fo giving them your time.
Now, I have to tell you I have several friends who are dealing with cancer. Some are beginning their battle and some are ending theirs with good news about their chemo treatments working. For example, Paula Dixon a Mom of a new student at Wood was given great news that her chemo was working and her cancer was virtually gone. I continue to share your blog spot with those who are struggling and need your gracious gift of wisdom, grace, and abundance of faith. Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful examples. May God continue to bless you!

Anonymous said...


I was so excited to see that you are attending BSF. Genesis is the best year in BSF (in my opinion). I started going in 1987 and have completed one full series. I came back last year with my kids - Cliff 12 and Gabbi - 9. So as we are studying the Holy Spirit - so are they. We love it.

I'm so happy for you in your road to recovery. Thanks to Jake for keeping everyone (that is concerned) up to date with your families progress.

God Bless you all!

Megan Brown
Used to work with your dad at SPI