Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hi there!

I am feeling better each day, gaining more control of my arm's mobility. As you might be able to tell from a) my even posting and b) my using capital and lowercase letters thus needing both hands!

I have been staying the days with my grandmother and the nights at home. It has been a good situation all around. I can't drive yet, and grandma helps with shuttling the kids around. She is also able to help me rest better than if I would be at home (probably trying to do more than I should). Plus--I love spending time over at her house. It's also good to be home in the morning for the kids and Jake. It is then that they feel life is somewhat normal! We'll keep this up for a few more days. Then, my grandpa is having surgery himself. My grandma is a regular home nurse!

My grandpa goes to Costco every few days and always picks up a little something extra. I can't say anything as when I shop at Target (weekly) I usually pick up something extra (Jake--It is always something we need!!). Anyway, yesterday, grandpa picked up a kite for Bryn. It was really for Bryn and Jadyn. However, Jadyn was off at school, and Bryn latched onto the kite like it was a baby doll, dragging it all over the house all day long. Did I mention the kite was so big that the tube shaped box was bigger than Bryn!? She asked incessantly when Jake was going to be home to show it to him and ask when we could fly it. She and Jake worked out a tentative date to fly the kite, however our weather forecast shows day after day of rain. I will try to post a picture when it gets off the ground. Bryn will certainly be on our case until it does!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess-- it is so good to read your posts and know you are getting stronger each day...your Grandma is amazing. Hugs to you all.
With love and prayers,
Lynne and Dave

Anonymous said...

OK Dad, you should know, you can never buy only one - for Jess, has to be three for each of the girls, then there is Jacque's, two more (up to five now), which leads to Austin - six. Corbin, Carter, Hope, Mandy and Jess can all play with the little kids kites. But then there is Ryan and Mark - guess I have to give them the fishing poles first - I will keep you posted (note, Mark and Ryan already have one a pirate ship and one is the red baron plane). Can you imagine how Grandpa's garage will look!

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Opps, I forgot Garett in the above post - he can be a string handler.

Jess, not sure if you notice this, but what I find amazing is between Tuesday evening and this morning (Thursday), more than 150 hits have noted on your blog (albiet, a few of those are probably me and Lynn, frequent posters!).

My challenge to all of those people - comment, let Jess know that you are thinking of her. We know that she is in your thoughts and prayers.

Grandma let it slip that you are tired - get the rest that you can now. Once you feel better, those girls are going to be all over you!

Love to all - and thinking of you.