Friday, March 23, 2007

My tube and You tube

I got my drain out today!! I had a drain in my arm to clear fluid from my lymph node removal surgery. It was beginning to become irritated at the site of the tube entering my arm. It was so bad, I did not like to even touch the tube. Well, today at my doctor's appointment, Dr. Euhus said it was looking great, drainage was low, and it could be removed. I was a little bit of a baby when I got it out. I have birthed three babies without any pain meds or an epidural, but try to take out a stitch, and I am in tears. Fortunately, it felt like a quick pinch, and a little pressure and it was over. My Aunt Sandy, who came with me, said my face was white as a ghost and the tube (which was about a foot long) was another 6-8 inches inside my arm.

I felt immediate relief when it came out. I have better movement in my arm and no more stinging! I now have to do exercises to get back full mobility. The big news is I can now drive. My life can get, somewhat, back to normal. I still have to take it easy, limit the use of the arm for a while, and watch out for potential side effects (lymphodema). Not having lymph nodes in my arm will be a problem I will always deal with. However, having them in would be a problem that would be too much to deal with had they grown. They removed a total of 18 lymph nodes, 10 of them cancerous.

Thank you for your prayers, calls, visits, and help with the kids and meals. You are all a blessing to our family.

We had a home study of our family tonight. I can’t remember if I have mentioned that we are going through the process of Jake adopting Katelyn. The home study is a formality, but we were still a little nervous about it. It went great by the way, but I wanted to tell you one funny thing that was said. Diane, the women conducting the interview, asked Katelyn what she liked to do for fun at home. Katelyn said she liked to play on the computer. Diane asked what she did on the computer. Katelyn said that she likes to watch You Tube. After Diane asked what You Tube was, Katelyn explained it was funny videos people submit on the internet. Diane asked if we monitor the computer use. Katelyn said, "Oh yeah, my Dad watches it with me!" After laughing, we corrected her that her dad checks it out before she sees it! I am sure Diane got an image of the family gathered around the computer watching all that bad stuff...but together!

My grandpa has a stint put in yesterday for his aneurism. The surgeon said it was a success, and he went home today. My aunt Janette in New York had outpatient surgery on her ankle today. I will let you know an update...or she can comment herself!

We pray for all our family to be covered with a hedge of protection.


Mil said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better....but shocked that I had to read on your blog from Texas that Janette had surgury here in NY. Where are my daughters (adopted and other-wise) keeping me abreast of this situation? Hope all of you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Glad to hear that your tube removal went well. Hopefully your doctors appt next week will lead to the chemo starting up again, and you beating this all once again.

I'm doing ok, the tear into my tendon of course wasn't just a slight tear as I initially thought, but turned out to be a complete tear or as the doctor said 'all frayed' what a visual! My right ankle is now in a splint with gauze and an ace bandage all around it (of course Jacque has a picture). I don't want to remove the bandage because once you remove it, you can never get the bandage to go on the same again.

Luckily we got that pedicure when you are here, so boy, do my toes look good ( :.

I will keep you updated.

Love to all

Anonymous said...

Jessica -- thanks for the recent update and indeed it is best that your lymph nodes were removed. So glad the tube is out and you are feeling better. Hugs to the girls and Jake, of course.

Lynne and Dave

Amy said...

But did you hold a "tickle bug"? Just kidding. I don't do bugs either. Fortunately, Oregon is less susceptible. Erik and I stay updated each week and want you to know that we pray for you all. Send the woman doing the home study to the blog. She'll get the picture!
Amy, Erik, Luke and Sprout