Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tickle Bugs

Well, I have a pretty sweet husband. He spent 30 minutes this morning unclogging my drain from my arm. Today was his early day as he sponsors a great club at his school, Eagles for Christ, that meet on Thursday mornings.

When I called my nurse at Dr. Euhus' office yesterday, one of the things she told me was the drain needed to be cleared twice a day from the top to the bottom. I was just pulling it clear about half way (as they were doing in the hospital!). Because of that, some fluid at the top was thicker and had to be pushed down with painstaking ease. I was flinching every few minutes, scared the whole tube would fall out, and feeling sharp pain at the site.

Jake was so patient. Even though he was almost late, he would stop until I felt comfortable enough to continue...We finally got the entire drain clear. I'm sure it will be easier tonight.

I am now tired from holding my arm up even half way. It is amazing how quickly you lose strength. I feel like I have done 30 pull-ups. I just wish I had the toned reward that comes after 30 pull-ups!

Jadyn and Bryn have inherited my fear of bugs. When I see one, I yell to Jake to get it. I don't necessarily want it dead, just out of the house. If this is on a shoe or in a cup, I don't care; I just want it out of sight! Well, the yikes are the same way. Until, Jake got a hold of them for a few days by himself. There have been an inordinate number of these little thin, moth like hoppers that are all over the place lately. Just walking through the grass will bring up dozens. The girls have been running from these bugs like they were a hornet, and I guess Jake was growing weary of the drama (remember, the bugs are everywhere!). He told the girls they were tickle bugs and if they catch them in their hands, they would tickle them a little. I guess that is all they needed, because now, the girls can't wait to get outside to catch tickle bugs, laughing all over the yard. They now want to bring them IN THE HOUSE! And, IN THE CAR! Enough of the tickle bugs!! I am trying not to overreact, but it is getting hard. Now, they think it is funny that I run into the house and they gallivant outside, laughing as they catch the tickle bugs right in their hands.

I have an early doctor's appointment tomorrow, a post-op with Dr. Euhus. I am hoping he will release me to drive and remove my drain. If I get my wish, I will even hold a tickle bug!


Anonymous said...

Great story Jess! Next time do a test - tell Jadyn they are kissing bugs, and Bryn tickle bugs, and see how they react.

Good luck tomorrow at the doctors.


Mmmmm....great pepper!

Mil said...

Your Aunt Janette is right....I read the blog daily but don't often post. So please know that you're in my prayers.
(I have a husband who refuses to kill any living thing except mosquito's...and so he gingerly carries all other bugs outside to freedom.. UGH)
Hope you doctors visit goes well.