Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Surgery Succesful

Jessa's surgery went very well and was done in about an hour today. I finally got to meet her surgeon, the flamboyant Dr. Euhus (Oy-hues). It might be good to have a surgeon who wasn't a people person because that means they are more likely to spend Friday night at home studying a medical book, but I like it the way Jess has it a guy that is has fabulous surgeon hands plus a personable personality. He took out the lymph nodes under her arm which he said looked "suspicious" (doctor speak for looks like they're malignant/cancerous). No surprise there. That's what the PET scan showed and that's what they were expecting. He stictched her back up and put a little baglike container under her armpit to catch the drainage. It looks like a clear grenade. If I had something under my armpit that looks suspicioulsy like a grenade it would make me nervous, but not Jess. I guess "plastic explosives" don't bother her.

We had two visits from pastors at our church today. Both of them made me realize how much our pastors are less like church staff and more like family. You can't pay someone to love your family like they love ours. Thank you Don Beach and David George from LABC. Mom (Judy) would when The Thoughtful Person of the Day award if they had it. Jess saw some really nice flowers in the gift shop that she would have liked to give Mandy (who is the brand new mother of Jace). Well guess what flowers mom bought for Jess?

When I left for the night, Jess was pretty peaceful. She was sleepily watching American Idol. Her arm was very sore and painful, but with the pain meds she will probably sleep through the night just fine.

Let me leave you with a non-surgery story. While Jess was enjoying the cold weather in NY (which they call practically summer), we were experiencing truly warm weather in Texas . Because of that I shaved off more of my beard. When I asked the Yikes (Jadyn and Bryn) if they liked it they chorused "Who are you?"

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Anonymous said...

Jake thanks for the glad the surgery went well. Kepp us posted.
Love and hugs,
Lynne and Dave