Friday, March 9, 2007

Ready for NY

Hi there!

We have had a good week. Last night was open house at the kid’s schools (Jadyn and Katelyn). They were both excited to show us the things they had been working on lately.

I am going to New York today with my mom to visit my aunt Janette (the one who always leaves a comment on this blog...see, leave comments...get a visit!) Actually, I have not been up to NY since her wedding!! (Her oldest child is 12!!) She and her family have come down to Texas often, and I am SO looking forward to seeing her. I have dug out some cooler clothes and my big coat I thought that I had put away for a while...the weather is in the 20's, with a warm front blowing in this weekend (40's!). I actually prefer a little cooler weather; I just don't much care for the wind that typically comes with it.

My hip has been acting up again, making me walk funny, and slow. I have started back on my pain medicine and that has helped. I am anxious to start back on chemo after my surgery as I think that is what was helping. Could just be in my head. Usually, when I take any medicine, I feel the effects right away, which I know, is not likely!

I will have my surgery to remove lymph nodes on Wednesday the 14th. I am glad I have spoken with some people who have had it. When they told me I would have a drain, I was picturing a huge, protruding object hanging from my arm. Then someone said it looked like a little grenade and I was imagining a huge potato on my arm. Finally, someone told me the grenade was very small, just a few inches long. Okay, now I am a little calmer!! I will let you know the actual dimensions soon, which I am sure you are now dying to know.

Take care,
Those who have spring break next week as we do...enjoy!


Amy Sayegh said...

Hi Jessica,
I'm really looking foward to seeing you and your mom. Have a safe trip. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Jessica have a great trip!!!
Love, Lynne

katrina said...

Janette told me you might be visiting--how exciting! This explains why she wasn't home last night when I called...

Have a great visit--luckily the weather is supposed to creep above freezing today (Saturday). Hopefully I'll get to meet you while you're in town.

Safe travels!